CUCKOLD SIMULATOR: Life as a Beta Male Cuck – Red Rocket Achievement Guide

Previously the hardest achievement in the game (Mainly because it was broken), Team Sneed finally fixed this in Update 10.1.


The achievement is unlocked by using the Red Dildo (Located in the Chinatown Strip Club) to craft the “Red Rocket”.

In order to do this, you need to progress the game, specifically Wayne’s quests, to the point where you receive the purple Diacyanin Googles & Essence Gatherer from Wayne.

You then need to:

  1. Go to the Strip Club in Chinatown
  2. Interact with the Red Dildo
  3. Return to Wayne’s bunker
  4. Use the Crafting Bench to craft the Red Rocket

Step 1 – Anime Girl Quest (To Unlock the Strip Club)

The Strip Club in Chinatown is initially unavailable. In order to receive member access, you need to complete the Anime Girl Quest. The Anime Girl Quest is one of the very first quests in the game.

Early in the game, you will unlock the nightclub as a location. Nightclub membership is $150.

Purchase the membership, go into the nightclub, and to the right of the dancefloor is an anime girl. Interact with her.

She will want drugs and money. Money can be obtained by wagecucking/cheat engine/editing your save. Drugs can be obtained via Chinatown which is now unlocked as part of this quest.

Travel to Chinatown and note that you will need to speak to the lady near the Chinatown spawn in order to currency exchange money into Yuan (Yuan is used for the majority of purchases in Chinatown).

To the left of where you spawn in Chinatown, and then right up the alley, just behind the fashion store, there will be a beautiful strong independent black woman. You can buy drugs from her.

Return to Anime Girl in the nightclub, give her the drugs and money, and she will give you member access to the Strip Club in Chinatown.

Step 2 – Wayne’s Quest – Introduction

After progressing the rest of the game for a little bit, you should eventually get a letter in your mailbox stating that there is a blue tent in the backyard next to you. Go and interact with it – this is Wayne’s tent.

Wayne will spawn a few days after first interacting with the tent.

Wayne will initially want weed and food. Weed can be purchased from the same black woman as before. Food can be purchased from the Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown.

With the weed and food in your inventory, return to Wayne and interact with him to complete the quest.

Step 3 – Wayne’s Quest – Materials

After completing the quest, Wayne will then ask you to fetch some materials for his workshop.

The list of materials is as follows:

  • 30 Branches
  • 20 Metal Ingots
  • 10 Boxes of Screws
  • 5 Glue Bottles
  • $500
  • Shovel
  • 3 Energy Drinks

The energy drinks can be purchased from vending machines in Chinatown. The rest of the materials can be purchased from the Hardware Shop in Chinatown.

Return to Wayne with these materials. Wayne will start digging for his project and advise you to return in one in-game week.

Once you come back, Wayne’s bunker will be set up. This will unlock the crafting bench and Wayne will need a few days to crunch some numbers before giving you a new quest.

Step 4 – Crafting Red Rocket

After you return and Wayne has finished crunching his numbers, he will give you the purple Diacyanin Googles & Essence Gatherer as part of a new quest.

You can now unlock Red Rocket.

Go to the bathroom in the Chinatown Strip Club and interact with the red dildo in the bathroom stall. Doing this should now give you a new line of dialogue compared to if you interacted with it prior to this point, and the red dildo will be added to your inventory.

Return to Wayne’s workshop and open your crafting menu next to the crafting bench. There should be an option to craft Red Rocket with the only material required being the red dildo.

Craft Red Rocket and the achievement should unlock.

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