Corpse Party (2021) – Guide for the Extra (Chapter #1)

This is a guide for extra chapter 1 for Corpse Party 2021.

Extra Chapter 1

Wrong Ending 1

  • Check the stalls as Nana
  • Pick up Chihayas pouch
  • Exit the door

True Ending

  • Do not check the stalls as Nana
  • Pick up the pouch
  • Try to exit
  • Talk to the blue spirit
  • Exit
  • Agree to help find his belongings
  • Go to the girl lavatories
  • Check the stalls and follow the instructions to find superstar glasses
  • Return them to the blue spirit
  • Exit, talk or do not talk to the red spirit
  • Continue past the infirmary
  • Pick up the glasses on the stairway
  • Return to the man, give him his glasses
  • Exit the lavatories
  • Remember the position the spirits, interact with the bottom right one
  • Recieve the infirmary key
  • Go to the infirmary and grab the mans hat
  • Return the hat to the man

Wrong Ending 2

  • When trying to obtain the infirmary key interact with the wrong spirit
  • Repeat until your health drops below 0

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