GTA: San Andreas – How to Increase Lung Capacity

CJ will accumulate several core stats throughout Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which will affect everything from how hard he hits to how long he can sprint. Although most of these abilities can be improved simply by playing the game, Lung Capacity is one that you’ll have to work hard to improve. The stat determines how long CJ can stay underwater and must be upgraded to begin Wu Zi Mu’s ‘Amphibious Assault’ mission during the campaign’s San Fierro section.

Here’s how to boost CJ’s underwater endurance by increasing the Lung Capacity stat. This guide includes an update for the Xbox, PC, and PS5 versions of GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition.

How to Increase Lung Capacity

To increase Lung Capacity, you’ll need to first find a deep enough body of water to dive into. Navigate to one of the game’s many beaches and search for a large area where CJ can swim underwater. Once in the water, dive using the Circle / B / LMB button and then swim beneath the water’s surface by holding X / A / SPACE.

Return to the surface after swimming until CJ’s breath meter is nearly empty. Once the breath meter has been replenished, dive again and repeat the process. CJ’s Lung Capacity should increase after a few dives, allowing you to stay underwater for longer. Repeat the process until you reach the desired Lung Capacity.

How to Start Amphibious Assault

Lung Capacity is important in one of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ mid-game missions, as previously stated. The leader of the triads will ask CJ to help him plant a bug on a nearby ship during the Wu Zi Mu mission ‘Amphibious Assault.’ CJ will have to sneak past several boats loaded with enemy thugs in order to get to the vehicle. Players with low Lung Capacity will be unable to complete the mission, and will be required to improve the stat before continuing.

Fortunately, you won’t have to grind out Lung Capacity for long to begin Woozie’s stealth-focused contract. Three or four upgrades to Lung Capacity should suffice. Return to Wu Zi Mu after about 10% of the bar has been filled to begin the mission.

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