Core Keeper – Tips for New Players

Today, I’m going to teach you how to make your life (in Core Keeper) a million times easier.

Tips for New Core Keeper Players!

1. Make your first base near The Core:

Making your first base near the Core has many benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Limited monster spawns: monsters will not spawn near The Core, except for a few slimes (not the spiked variety) these are assive mobs and will not attack unless you attack them.
  2. A source of light: Now, you may be thinking, why not just use torches??? Well, here’s the thing, you need a LOT of torches to light even a small area. Soooo, take advantage of the already existing light source. Plus, it will help you save on wood that could be used for building, weapons, and tools!

2. Start farming as soon as possible:

Let me just tell you from experience that constantly having to forage for fruit is a very annoying thing to have to do. So…go collect one or two of each fruit and vegetable and plant them in the ground. You need to till the ground using a hoe first.

3. Put your farm near a water source:

This one goes hand in hand with number two. It’s just a pain to constantly go walking around just for the bare necessities. So, instead of having to go like, ten miles away to refill your watering can, plant your farm close to water.

4. Don’t be afraid to try defeating bosses:

They may look scary, but as long as you have some good prep work done you should be fine. Here are some things to get you prepped for the first boss:

  1. The first boss is a giant slime called Glurch the abominous mass. He is the only boss that I will tell you tips on in this guide, because boss defeat is not the ultimate purpose of this guide.
  2. Get bombs. And a lot of them at that. Crude bombs will work, but regular bombs will work better. They do about 200- 300 damage on average and are very effective for defeating Glurch.
  3. Get movement accessories. Any accessories or potions that you can find are a definite help due to the fact that Glurch is very fast, and will jump on top of you.
  4. Stoneskin potion is also a good thing to have. It majorly increases your defense which obviously is helpful against a giant boss that will land on top of you, though, you may not be able to find any. Also, you should cook an ample amount of food to help you heal.

5. Cook your food!

Cooking may not seem too important, but it is. It provides a wide variety of useful buffs. Many of which are helpful throughout the entire game. It’s also fun to see what new things you can make with the game’s growing variety of fruits and vegetables.

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