Cardbob – How to Beat Stage 2 on Your First Try

Now, you’re probably wondering what I mean by the title. That’s very simple…

Guide to Beat Stage 2 on First Try

The Prelude

Okay so for this, I already expect you to:

  • Have the Thunder Sword upgrade (Important for this run).
  • Atleast perma-stamina 1 and Loyalty Card upgraded as well (Important as well).
  • Revive and Health Drops.
  • Knows what Vampire does.
  • 0 items left in your base.
  • Beat Stage 1 atleast once on Normal.

You can easily get to Wall on Stage 2 and even beat him on your second or third run with a simple, unbeatable combo.

This guide does apply to Stage 1 as well, though it’s unlikely that you’ll get around 4k credits before beating the entire stage (unless you suck).

If you don’t have what’s required for this (mostly due to credit issues), feel free to use this to get enough credits:

  • Step 1 – Run Stage 1 with base Sword, Revive and Starter Money. Beat atleast Box so that you get a ton of items to sell. Do this as many times as you can and try to keep dumping items so that you can hold more. Make sure to return to previous areas for boxes and collect as many swords.
  • Step 2 – As soon as you have atleast some 200/250 credit items, as well as a bunch of 80-180 items, start selling the 80 items for less than asking price. Vendors will love this.
  • Step 3 -Upon exhaustion of vendors using the cheap items, do atleast one or two runs, maybe even beat Stage 1.
  • Step 4 – Now, buy L. Card and start selling the 200+ items atleast 5% above asking price. If you get rejected once, repeat step 2 and step 3, then try selling the 200+ items. If you see the golden offer, use it. You should get around 400 credits for that.
  • Step 5 – Realize you have around 4k credits on you (possibly less) and buy Thunder Sword with 3k and Stamina 1 with 1k.
  • Step 6 – Move on to the rest of the guide.

Note: Your screen should look like this when you got the Thunder Sword upgrade btw.

The Juicy Stuff

Now, before going to Stage 2, equip “THUNDER” in the weapon storage menu. The statue that opens it should be next to Stage 2, so it’s hard to miss.

If you have atleast beaten Stage 1, you should realize how powerful a certain combo is compared to the rest. The base sword deals 7/14 (melee/ranged) damage. If you get atleast 2 more and buy the Multiplier upgrade, that basically doubles your damage with each sword you have, you get around 14-20/14 (depending on other upgrades) damage. This basically evaporates 99% of Stage 1 enemies in 2 hits.

Thunder Sword starts with a base damage of 4/10 and has the advantage of auto-targeting your opponents (picks basically closest enemy), but also has one small quirk to it.

You start with 3 swords

And as soon as you find the Multiplier and equip it, you deal 14/14 damage.

  • Now, get through atleast 5 levels like this without upgrading yourself if you can, so that you have around 4-5 points to waste. Shouldn’t be hard, though I do reccomend you get the upgrade that gives you a free level so that you can have even more points, the early enemies in Stage 2 grant enough XP that you can get to level 7 like this very easily.
  • Upon spotting Multiplier, get it. Even if it’s at the start.
  • Then upgrade: Melee damage, Stamina
  • Get also: Vampirism, (rest are optional) Stamina per Kill, Extra Shots, Healing Drops, Extra Boxes, etc.
  • Seek out at the very least 2 more swords before the first boss of Stage 2.
  • And enjoy the possibility of having up to 9 swords by the time you get to Wall, with you having 24-26/14 damage.

The Ending

Also I reccomend getting Revive or Shield (whichever you prefer) before Wall, since Wall has some absolute ***** attacks if you are fighting him for the first time. His laser is faster than your walk after 50% and throwing your swords will slow you down too much at that point + the autotarget on Thunder Swords doesn’t work at any point on Wall.

Anyway, try this out and have fun basically abusing this strategy, though this won’t be a 100% easy cheat, as the chain-roombas will still **** you up if you aren’t careful enough. Good luck, Cardbob-er and have fun! May the boxes be on your side!

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