Body of Evidence – General Guide

This is a general guide on how to beat the game and get all achievements, assuming they aren’t glitched.

How to Beat the Game

Note: Credit goes to bearsbearsbears


If you made the decision to play this for whatever reason, welcome!

For the sake of organization I’ve split levels into story levels, which unlock more levels, and optional levels, which only need to be completed for achievements

For some general tips:

  • Whenever a body strikes a surface, it leaves a bloodstain. The exceptions are bodies in the pick up zone or a couple dry corpses in specific levels. It’s good practice to trace your steps when you’re cleaning up, as you never know when you hit a floor or a door.
  • For 100% completion of a level, you need to place all bodies in the required place, clean up all bloodstains, straighten up all furniture, pick up all weapons and bullet casings, sweep up all messes, and repair all bullet holes/slashes on the walls. Not all messes are in every level.
  • Almost every level is on a timer. Broadly speaking, the biggest waste of time is exploring a level to figure out where the messes are. If you lose a level, the easy way is to do it a second round of the level.
  • Every level but the tutorial has one collectible, for a total of 25 (have you noticed that the 30 levels on the steam page is false advertising? Interesting.).
  • I’ve suffered a glitch where my inventory spontaneously emptied. To fix it, I replayed levels where I got the brush, broom, and plaster knife in the first place.

Story Levels

The Phone: The tutorial. Take the body from the tub and place it in the green zone at the front door, then clean the blood. No collectible.

  • The Lab: Pick up the body and place it in the white barrel by the broom. This is easiest by doing it head first. Grab the nearby acid bottle and fill up the barrel to melt the corpse. Grab the broom and sweep up the trash by the entrance and then glass shards by the main mess. Clean up the blood (there’s a tricky stain on the table legs) and the various pieces of furniture.
    • The collectible, Banach’s Textbook, is on the corner of the lab table by the stairs.
  • Trouble at Work: Grab the plaster knife from the bar. Clean up the two bodies in the main room, and neaten up the blood, loose furniture, trash piles, and plaster up the holes by the dart board and piano. Grab the gun on the bar and the bullet casings behind the bar. Clean up the blood trail leading up to the kitchen freezer with the third corpse
    • The collectible, the Ash Tray, is in the men’s bathroom toilet room
  • Soap Club: Open the cabinet beneath the blood letters on the wall to get soap, which allows you to hit G to clean dark stains. Take the one body to the green zone jar, clean the blood, various trash piles, and disorganized furniture. Some of the trickier blood stains are on the gym mats and bottom of boxing ring.
    • The collectible, the Mittens of Shame, are behind the couch the man is sitting on.
  • A Duel of Gentlemen: Unlock the second floor apartment. There’s two bodies in the living room to be taken to the hallway trash chute (either inside or just in the green area. Grab the two guns, one on the floor and the other on the coffee table, clean up the bullet casings, and plaster up the holes. Make sure you got the bathroom clean.
    • The collectible, the Trick Card, is on the living room table.
  • Alone in the Dark: This level has no margin for error; missing any mess is an instant failure. Make very sure you’ve picked up all the small items around the table and got all stains, especially the ones that need soap on the bed. There is one body in the bedroom that should be taken to the exit point.
    • The collectible, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, is on the bathroom sink.
  • Welcome Sherlock: Three body parts and a sword are hidden throughout the level. Hop onto the tv stand in the living room and look on top of the high cabinet for the head. Click on the bottom of the couch to open it up and find the foot. Enter the kitchen and open the right side curtain to find a katana on the window ledge. Return to the living room and enter the bedroom. Move the two pillows off the chair for the hand.
    • The collectible, the Cleaning Agent, is inside the shower in the bathroom.
  • Go Hard or Go Home: The mess is ahead, under the light. Put the weight rack back in place, then rerack all the barbells and dumbbells. Mop up all blood in the area. The body needs to be taken and placed into the van outside. Getting this big body through the door might take some finagling.
    • The collectible, the Protein Shake, is on a treadmill in front of a TV in the cardio area.
  • Crazy Ex: Enter the white door apartment on the left to find a very messy scene. The two bodies, one in the living room and one in the bedroom, are taken to hallway and placed in the laundry cart. The bathroom is clean. The kitchen is mostly clean, outside of the bloodstains by the dead cat. The bedroom has several stains that need soap, a lot of furniture to neaten, and stains across the room (make sure you don’t miss the small stains on the desk). The living room has several deep stains (chairs and couch) and more furniture to move. The murder weapon is a knife you’ll find beneath the couch. Be very sure not to miss any stains, like the one on the bookshelf or the three on the standing fan.
    • The collectible, Morgan the Cat, is in the kitchen by two bloodstains on the floor.
  • The Agency: After asking two questions of the agents in the elevator, they’ll inject you with heroin and things will get weird. Ask Elvis about the locked door and then about the key. He’ll send you to talk to the six other people in the prison, all of whom will drop song lyrics. Return to Elvis and answer Suspicious Minds. He’ll give you the key to the interrogation room. Enter that room and clean it. Straighten up the cabinet and make sure to get all the bloodstains, like the one in the sink. Any missed mess will fail the level.
    • The collectible, the FBI Badge, is straight ahead from the elevator, on the floor by the door.
  • The Lake House: The first body is in the yard by the trees. The second is in the first floor bathroom. The front door is locked, but the glass side door is unlocked. There’s blood on the outside entrance, the living room (make sure you get the remote and small vase on the floor), then head upstairs. The big bedroom has a crooked nightstand and lamp to fix. The bloodstains lead to the smaller bedroom with several wall stains, a katana, and a slash mark to fix with the plaster knife.
    • The collectible, the Golden Bait, is on the boat on the lowest level, down the stairs from the living room.
  • Revenge: The bathroom is clean and has some soap for the hard stains. The weapon is a knife on the kitchen counter.
    • The collectible, the Movie Poster, is on the bedroom wall.
  • A Cabin in the Forest: Cleanup the blood and eyeball on the table in the first room. Enter the bedroom, tilt down the wardrobe, and enter the room with the two dead women. Ted will hold you at gunpoint. Agree to help him. He’ll teleport you to a grave outside. Drag the two corpses to the grave.
    • The collectible, the Stickman Figure, is in the bathroom sink, behind the locked door.
  • Reconstruction: In the first room, stack the three movable boxes to climb onto the concrete ledge. Crouch to crawl through the pipe. Jump across the concrete pillars and backhoe to the last ledge. Move the body into the hole in front of the concrete mixer, then interact with the valve. Two men will threaten you at gunpoint and ship you off to One Way Trip.
    • The collectible, the Construction Helmet, is in the second room with the jumping puzzle. After crawling through the pipe, look left and down at a pallet of bags with the helmet on top.
  • One Way Trip: Head forward, go through the door, and open the last compartment. Examine the body and get bonked on the head to go to The Maze.
    • The collectible, the Daily Newspaper, is on the first of the three enclosed cabs in the second hallway, on a couch
  • The Maze: Follow the figure, or the lit up pipes, to reach a ladder. If you fail the timer, you’ll continue to the next level anyhow.
    • The collectible, the Tosheroon, is at a dead end in a box. From start , left, right, left, right to get to the intersection before the exit. Head straight and follow the linear path through it’s curves to reach a dead end with a box. The map is attached below. The heart is the starting point, the red lines are dead ends, the yellow arrows are the lit up paths, the green star is the exit, and the brown star is the collectible.

Click to enlarge…

  • The Last Resort: Find Ranarch’s body in his living room, then answer the phone.
    • The collectible, the Astronaut Figurine, is beneath the mattress in the bedroom.
  • Videotapes: Enter the bedroom to spawn a man in the living room. Talk to him and tell him to “Please leave now,” as any other answer will get him to kill you. Take the body from the bed, tub, and shower and throw them out the broken window. Once fully clean, we have our ending choice. Either jump out the window for the normal ending, or, if you’ve gotten 100% on every other level, grab the parachute from the bedroom cabinet and then jump from the window.
    • The collectible, the Holy Gun, is on top of the living room bookshelf.

Optional Levels

  • The Last Samurai: Take four limbs (three by the messed up tables and one on the moving sushi conveyor belt with a bloodstain) to the blender in the kitchen. Blend them, drain the blood into the kitchen bathroom toilet, and flesh. Clean up the bloodstains and neaten the tables, making sure they’re straight and have all four of their chairs and place mats.
    • The collectible, the Decorated Cleaver, is next to the blender in the kitchen.
  • The Headhunter: We need to find a weapon and three decapitated heads in the washers. The weapon is in the locked back room. The blind owner will throw you out after opening five washing machines, assuming you haven’t placed a bucket on his head to deafen him. The luminol can be used to narrow find the right washers: going from the left side, second on the upper row, forth on the lower, and seventh on the upper.
    • The collectible, the Baseball Bat, is to the right of the owner, on the table
  • Extracurricular Activity: 10 Bodies, 10 bats to find. Most of the bats are by big bloodstains and out in the open, but a handful are tricky. One is beneath the pommel horse in front of the entrance, one is behind a ball rack by the Curling stone, one is behind the bowling pins, and one is in a goal by the pins, hidden behind a gym mat.
    • The collectible, the Curling Stone, is by one of the bats, next to a goal and a rack of balls.
  • The Hotel Job: A nice small level. Start by cleaning up the blood in the hallway and elevator. Enter the hotel room with the bloody door for the main mess. There’s a lot of furniture (make sure to straighten up the nightstand, bed, and the remote and bottle on the floor) and blood to clean up. A bar of soap is in the bathroom, which is a clean room. Take the horse head from the bed to the collection area in the hallway.
    • The collectible, the Jazz Mag, is on the toilet in the en-suite bathroom of the hotel room.
  • Headless Rider: Head to the backyard and grab the hose on the side of the garage. Pop open the car trunk and place the headless body in there. Make sure to close the trunk. Use the hose to get all blood off the car, except for a bad stain on the back seat. Enter the house and go to the bedroom and grab the blankets on the cabinet. Cover up the bloodstain in the car. Talk to the man in the red robe, then talk to him again and say “I think I’m finished,” then “Well, there’s one more thing to do.” Hose off the two men. The exit of this level is talking to the man in the red robe and saying you’re done, then giving him the routing number.
    • The collectible, Nancy’s Thermometer, is on the washing machine in the main room, by the bedroom door.
  • Blasphemous Basement: Go downstairs to reach an intersection. Head left then right for a dead end with several bones and a letter. Clean it all up. Return to the intersection and go straight, all the way back and then right. There will be a large room with bones to clean up, and the Scroll of the Elders collectible. Return to the first intersection and enter the right room with the altar and scary stone head. The head turns whenever you look away and the blood stain in its mouth CANNOT be cleaned, so ignore it. Grab the body from behind and take it to the green zone
    • The collectible, The Scroll of the Elders, is in the room at the right dead end of the straight path with all the bones. It should be on the floor by the three bones
  • Prunus Serrulata: The collectible, the Nurse’s Eyepatch
  • Retired Hitman: The messiest and most involved level. One body is to the right of the garage in the garden, with a bunch of used shells. Two are in the garage, three in the living room with many casing, bullet holes, bloodstains, two guns, and a single knocked over vase. There’s another corpse, a knife, and slash marks around the corner in a wardrobe to the left of the kitchen. The kitchen has two bodies and two guns, along with some bullet holes, fallen dishes, and piles to sweep up. Another body and some bullet holes on the stairs to the basement, and another body with a gun is on the stairs to the bedroom. The last body is on the bedroom railing. Finally, the ground floor bathroom (by the front door) has blood in the shower. Make very sure to look by every body for shell casings and bullet holes. If you do it perfectly, you’ll get the Every Piece achievement.
    • The collectible, the Golden Coin.


  • The Startup: Complete the first level, the Phone
  • The Path of the Blade: Complete the Last Samurai
  • Dirty Bussiness: Their misspelling, not mine. Complete Trouble at Work
  • Tools of the Trade: Complete Alone in the Dark. This level has a “Leave No Trace” requirement, so completing the level is the same as doing it perfectly
  • Witnessed: Dump off bodies in the lake
  • Heroes Never Die: Complete the final level, Videotapes, by jumping through the broken window
  • The Joke’s on You: Complete the final level, the penthouse, after completing every other level. A parachute will appear in the bedroom wardrobe. Pick it up and jump out the window for the good ending.
  • Speedrunner: Complete any level in half the time. The easiest is the very first, the Phone, to the point that you might get it by accident
  • Fight Time: In Soap Club, hop into the boxing ring in the center of the level. To do this, move the gym mats towards the center of the level and use them as a platform to jump up. You’ll have to crouch, as the boxing ring ropes get close to the ceiling.
  • Master Thief: Complete the lockpicking minigame with no mistakes. All of them have exactly the same rhythm, so you’ll get used to it
  • The Envelope: In A Duel Of Gentleman, throw a body down the garbage chute. For simplicity, try to orient the body head first into the chute. When you have the body in place, interact with the chute to close it and send the body in
  • The Six Sense: In the Welcome Sherlock, don’t use any luminol. This is real easy, especially if you’ve already done the level or are using a guide. See the level description for details.
  • Blind Fool: In the Headhunter, grab a bucket and place it on the laundry man’s head. This will require some perseverance, as you have to be real exact with the orientation.
  • Let’s Dance: In the Agency, guess the King’s song in one try. It’s Suspicious Minds
  • Dark Secret: In A Cabin in the Forest, enter the bedroom and pull down the wardrobe. Enter the back room with the two corpses to get accosted by Ted and gain the achievement
  • YOLO: In A Cabin in the Forest, enter the secret room behind the wardrobe. When Ted threatens you, ask him for money (“You want me to work for you? Give me cash like everyone else.”) and he’ll shoot you
  • Every Point: In the John Wick level, Retired Hitman, get 100% completion and pick up all the bullet casings. See the level description for details.
  • The Collector: Collect every single collectible from every level. See the level descriptions for details. You can cross reference the collectible list from the main menu with mine to see which one you’re missing in particular. If you’re missing anything, it’s likely the Train flashback, the Sewers, or the dead friend’s house.
  • Mr. Perfect: Complete every level to 100% completion. Something is weird, as both Reconstruction and Videotapes don’t neatly register as completed
  • Master Body Cleaner: Something isn’t adding up. If you look at the completion percentage, more people have the achievement for getting 100% completion than they do for completing every level. For me, this didn’t trigger after doing every level once, as the Reconstruction and Videotapes refused to register as complete.
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