Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 – All Endings

All Endings

Note: Credit goes to Tsukiyomaru Zero

Episode 1:

Just beat it normally. Unlocks Episode 2.

Episode 2:

Good Ending: Find the 3 swords hidden swords in the first 3 stages then get the Zanmatou in the 4th stage, before beating the episode. Unlocks Final Episode.

Bad Ending: Don’t get Zanmatou and beat the episode. Unlocks Episode EX.

Episode EX:

Just beat it normally. Unlocks Final Episode.

Final Episode:

Normal Ending: Beat all the stages. Unlocks Zangetsu Modes for all Episodes.

Cleave the Moon: Beat only Zangetsu’s stage (the one without another character), talk to Alfred and then take the rocket to the moon. Unlocks Zangetsu Modes for all Episodes and Single Mode.

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