BBQ Simulator: The Squad – How to Make Jarate Fast

Ever get the random urge to pee for as long as possible? Look no further! Following the instructions will make even the TF2 Sniper look like an amateur when it comes to making jarate.

Guide to Make Jarate Fast


Cook a crap ton of food. Go through the entire fridge and freezer, take out as much food as possible, marinate all of it, and then cook it. Repeat this process until you have at minimum 3 dozen cooked items (preferably 4 dozen). If you want things to go faster, consider asking your friends for help (that is, if you have friends).

Making the Jarate

Once you think you have all the food you’ll need, wait until you randomly start making jarate before starting a stopwatch. Once you start peeing, start a stopwatch and start eating. Prioritize eating the snacks and drinking the bottles first before eating your food.

Once everything is on cool down, eat your food. Be careful to make sure you get the most out of your foods and not overfill your tank while you’re eating. Keep going until you run out of food and everything is on cool down. Once your tank is completely empty, stop the stopwatch and show off the time to your friends. Bonus points if you recorded the whole thing.

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