Antimatter Dimensions – Max All (M Button) Always on Toggle Glitch / Exploit

This glitch allows you to always have the Max All always on so you don’t have to manually hold the M button. I found this trick by accident randomly clicking around, there might be other ways of accomplishing using this method that I have yet to find.

The Glitch Guide


Note: you need to have one of the following automatic buyers unlocked.

  • Automatic Big Crunch.
  • Automatic Galaxies.
  • Automatic Dimension Boosts.

How to Activate

  • Go to the Automation section.
  • Hold the M key down.
  • Toggle any of the check boxes. (ex, Limit Dimension Boots to, Dynamic amount or Limit antimatter galaxies to).
  • Release the M key.

At this point you should see that the game still thinks the M key is pressed down. There could be other ways of doing this I just have yet to find them. If you find any other areas in the game where we can exploit this let me know in the comments.

How to Deactivate

  • Press the M key again.
  • Lose focus of the actual game window (switching to another app on your computer).
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