Green Hell VR – How to Craft

A guide on how to make a few basic tools.

Guide to Craft

How to Place a Crafting Table

Now in order to craft you will need a crafting table (duh) so in order to place one you grab your journal on your right side of your chest and click the tab with a hammer icon and then click on the crafting table icon (either one depending if you want a temporary of permenant table) then place it down

How to Craft (I Know Crazy Right?)

In order to actually craft you need to just drop items on the table and if you have the right combo of items a white ghost of that item will appear and you can grab it, but if you need recipes you can click on the top left tab in your journal and it will show you them based on what you have seen.

But if you are to lazy to look here are a few basic recipes:

  • 2 small stones = 1 chipped stones (crude knife).
  • 1 small stone + 1 stick (branch) = stone axe.
  • 1 chipped stone + 1 lashing/rope (from pulling the hanging vines) + 1 stick = stone pickaxe.

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