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This guide is an overview about permanent travelforms that neither need premium currency nor the guardian upgrade, plus where to get them and how much effort they are.


In this guide, I will give you a broad overview of permanent travelforms that neither need dragon coins (premium currency) nor the guardian upgrade.

This guide is directed at players who dont want to spend money and are still relatively new.

For anyone who just wants to get a travelform quickly for day to day questing, I recommend the time flies transformation or in the winter season the gifthullu travelform.

Salty Parrot

The Salty Parrot is one of the easier free TFs to get. Talk to Captain Rhubarb in Lolosia to access the pirate class shop. There you can purchase this TF for 3000 Pirate Tokens. To get pirate tokens, you can do the pirate training daily quest for 145 tokens per day.

  • Pros: Aviable early
  • Cons: The main source for pirate tokens is a daily quest, and you need to do it about 20 times to get the 3000 tokens needed.

Gar-Felds Travelform

Go to the valley of the undying king and head to gar-felds pyramid. Talk to the guard in front of the entrance to get the daily quest for this. Beat the Gar-Feld dungeon.

  • Pro: Looks cool, can do emotes while in travel form, dungeon is soloable for higher level players
  • Con: You need to be level 34 and have the dungeon unlocked in the sandsea saga storyline. You need this daily quest 30 times.

Cerulean Kittarian

This Travelform is from the daily chest and can be bought from the daily chest shop for 5000 green shards.

  • Pro: Looks great, can do emotes while in travelform
  • Cons: It is very expensive. by the time you got it, you probably will have other free travelforms already. You may wanna spend your green shards on other items.

Time Flies Transformation

This is one of the travelforms I recommend new players who dont want to spend money. Talk to Beleen in Yulgars Inn to access the 20th anniversary maps. Play through the maps until you reach the AFK version of Yulgars inn. The maps are level scaled, so you can do them whenever you like. There, you get tokens for each minute you spend there. If you have the equivalent of 24h AFK, you can buy this travelform. Just AFK in this map while you do something else. The tokens dont have to be gained in one session, so you can just let the game run while you do other stuff from time to time.

  • Pros: Probably the lowest effort to get in all free travelforms. Still faster to get than those travelforms that need a daily quest.
  • Cons: Doesnt look very good.

This is a great choice for new players who just want a travelform to travel faster in you day to day gameplay.

Fiend Lycan Travelform

In the Fiend Saga area of Oversoul, head to the forge of the forlorn. Next to the mine entrance, you will find a NPC called Dante. He will give you a questline where you have to kill a mini-boss called Valnaroth at the end. Valnaroth drops this Travelform.

This is one of the newest F2P perma-travelforms the devs added and while it is a bit of a grind, it looks very nice (if you like werewolfs). As all rare drops, it is highly RNG-dependant how long it will take until the boss drops it for you. I killed the boss for roughly 4 hrs before it dropped. As usual, I heard of people who got it way earlier, and others who tried way longer. Nonetheless it is a very nice item for everyone that likes it looks, and it is free.

  • Pro: Looks great; can be achieved in a shorter number of days compared to the TFs that are locked behind a daily quest – if you are ready to invest some time grinding.
  • Con: Grinding it can be a bit boring and if you are unlucky, it takes a couple hours. Furthermore, I would recommend doing the Fiend Saga after Sandsea for leveling reasons, although most parts of it are player-scaled.

Pro-Tipp: Get some other players who want this travelform, too, and farm it together.



In the winter season, players can purchase runes that let them spawn a monster called Gifthullu. It drops 25 gift tags among other goodies. For 850 Gift Tags, you can purchase this travelform at the related vendor (usually found in frostvale and yulgars inn).

You dont need to purchase the summoning runes by yourself – in the event season many players will spawn them, especially in battleon town square or yulgars inn. Red Dragon Server Townsquare and Yulgar’s are good places to look for them.

  • Pro: Relatively easy to get; low effort, can be achieved in a short timespan, i.e. within a day.
  • Con: Only in christmas/winter season. The looks isn’t everybodys taste.

This may be still the fastest and easiest perma-TF for new players that start in or shortly before the season.



This travelform is a rare drop by the player-summon monsters in the Blaze’s birthday event and in live events hosted by Blaze.

  • Pro: Looks cool
  • Con: Only in the event, quite rare (i.e. low drop rate)

Wooden Horse

This nice looking Travelform takes a lot of effort to get. Auden in Heartwood Forest lets you craft it and also gives you the quest to get the related Wooden Horse Parts. It needs 7 Wooden Horse Parts and 3 Behemoth Saliva. The quest for Wooden Horse Parts is a daily quest that needs you to kill a considerable amount of monsters in Heartwood Forest, including the three dungeons in that area (Heartwood Forest Hunt, Whitaker Forest and Crimson Cavern).

The Behemoth Saliva is dropped by the Cryptodirax, the Boss of the Heartwood Forest Hunt. It is not a guaranteed drop, though. The Heartwood Forest Hunt is a big hassle, as you need to craft baits that are made from the parts of the monsters in that dungeon. Before you can make the Cryptodirax bait, you need to make yummy baits to kill river razorshells, which drop a ingredient for the needed spicy bait.

  • Pro: Looks nice
  • Con: High effort

General G-Fuels Bomber

In the special location moistverse (aviable via /join moistverse), finish the questline which leads you to General G-Fuel, the final dungeon of the area. After you have beaten the story version, you can enter the challenge version of this boss fight. If you beat him, a chest will appear that can drop this travel form. This boss is quite challenging, and the droprate is very low. Hence I don’t recommend this for newer players who just want a perma travelform. This travelform is more of a trophy for avid collectors.

  • Pro: You can flex with it
  • Con: Hard to get

Blue Ogre

This Travelform can only be achieved by attending live events that are hosted by the Dev team. They don’t happen very often. In these events, the hosting dev sometimes spawns a blue ogre chest, which has a chance to drop the relevant token. You need 10 tokens to get this travelform from a vendor (a moglin called Zilla) that can be found at yulgars inn or battleon social district.

  • Pro: This is a rare trophy-travelform
  • Con: You need to attend a lot of live events, which dont happen often and are sometimes difficoult to attend due to time zones.

Pro Tip: In older events they dropped a consumable blue ogre soul and you could craft the permanent version with 10 of these consumables at the blue ogre cave. The blue ogre now has an option to craft these older consumables into the new tokens – which in turn can be spend at Zilla

Cats from Aria

Arias pet shop does not only sell pets – under the section “kitten caboodle” you can also find three cat travelforms that are aviable without premium currencies. These recently added travelforms cost pet feed and are locked behind the (pre-existing) feline finery quest. The feline finery quest takes quite some effort – especially since the latest stage needs you to beat a boss in the shadowskull tower dungeon (aviable via /join skulltower) that has a very low chance to appear. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend this travelform as a “starter travelform” and instead as a long-term project to people who really like cats.

  • Pro: Cats
  • Con: A lot of effort

Tasty Whale Pop

This travelform can be crafted from holly in frostvale for 150 tasty fish pops. The tasty fish pops can be gained by doing a daily that wants 3 popsicle fish, aviable at a level 400 fishing node just behind holly. Given that you need to do the daily 30 times, this giant iceblock travelform is a testimony to the players patience.

  • Pro: Relatively easy
  • Con: Takes a long time and a lot of patience; you need a fishing power of at least 400
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