AdventureQuest 3D – Diamond of Nulgath Guide for Solo Players

Simple (ish) guide to farming Diamonds of Nulgath for solo players.


Note: Credit goes to AGMoyer

First thing is you need to be able to solo the Wasteland Makai in Seleden Wasteland. If you can do that then this will be really easy. There are a few NPCs (and a pet if you have 1,000 DC to spare but this pet isn’t needed) we want to acquire some quests from…

  • Either get the pet Crag in a Cart or talk to Crag and Bamboozle at the Entrance of Seleden Wasteland
  • Find Skew to the north east from the entrance of Seleden Wasteland or go talk to Skew in Solace, you can also Buy Skew as a pet in Solace from the Sneevil Standing next to Skew
  • If you have 1,000 DC then buy the King Makai “Masher” Pet from the special pets shop located in the chest icon bottom right of the screen.

Quests Required

These are all the quests we need to do this completely solo…

  • From Bamboozle “Essence of Nulgath: Defeated Makais” and “Contract of Nulgath: The Lucky Deal”
  • From Crag “Tainted Gems: Essence of Nulgath”
  • From Skew “Diamond of Nulgath: Dark Deal” and “Dark Crystal Shards: A Tainted Deal”
  • If you have King Makai “Masher” Pet then get “Essence of Nulgath: Defeated Makais” as well

The Grind

Now that you have all these quests you are going to simply kill Wasteland Makais in the Seleden Wasteland.

Once you kill 50 you just need to turn in the quest “Essence of Nulgath: Defeated Makais” to Bamboozle and or the King Makai “Masher” Pet if you have that pet.

This will give you 5 Tainted Gems each and 50 Essence of Nulgath. Now take the Essence to Crag and turn in the quest “Tainted Gems: Essence of Nulgath” so now you’ll have another 15 Tainted Gems leaving you with 20 or if you have the King Makai “Masher” Pet you’ll have 40 in total.

You will keep doing this till you have 150 Tainted Gems. While killing Wasteland Makais you’ll have a chance of getting Unidentified 13 for the quest you got from Bamboozle “Contract of Nulgath: The Lucky Deal” so turn it in if you did and get the Contract of Nulgath (You’ll need 2 and you can only have 2 in your inventory).

Now That you have 150 Tainted Gems and 2 Contracts of Nulgath go turn them over to Skew to complete the quest “Dark Crystal Shards: A Tainted Deal” giving you 15 Dark Crystal Shards then take the shards plus your second contract and complete Skew’s “Diamond of Nulgath: Dark Deal” for 1 Diamond of Nulgath and 10 Tainted Gems.

There you have it a way to get Diamonds of Nulgath completely Solo.

Bonus Information

This method will get you a couple things I wanted to mention like Gold, EXP and Health Potions. Not sure if the gold and exp are scaled but anyways…

  • If you have 2 Contracts of Nulgath in your inventory but just found a third Unidentified 13 just keep the quest so you can turn it in later for another contract
  • Completing the “Essence of Nulgath: Defeated Makais” will give you 5000-10,000+ gold depending if you have the Makai Pet
  • 1 Tainted Gem sells for 2,000 gold so selling the 5-10 you have gets you 10,000-20,000 gold every 50 Makai on top of the gold you got from turning in the quests
  • Killing Wasteland Makais has a pretty common chance to drop a couple health potions so not bad to stock up while grinding
  • After competing all the quests for 1 Diamond of Nulgath You would have earned over 30,000 gold
  • If you don’t need the Contracts of Nulgath well they sell for 50,000 gold a piece
  • If you don’t need the Dark Crystal Shards they go for 10,000 a piece so the 15 you just got from “Dark Crystal Shards: A Tainted Deal” will get you 150,000 gold (Actually 100,000 gold because you spent a Contract of Nulgath for it so bonus of 50,000 gold if you don’t sell the contract)
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