AB AETERNO – Advanced Item Interaction (Playtest)

Confused on how to withdraw magazines from your chest rig? Sad you can’t disassemble guns like in the silly YouTube videos? Look a little a further, and I will show you just how you can become Mr. Ab Aeterno himself.

How to Interact with Items

Weapon Disassembly

In order to disassemble your AK, you need to use the combination of X + Grip on your controller. This allows you to remove the dust cover on the upper rear of the gun. You can then use the same combo to pull the recoil spring and bolt assembly out of the gun. Repeat to pull the upper and lower handguards off of the front of the gun behind the barrel but in front of the rear sight block.

The angle grinder can be used to remove old or broken barrels by cutting them out right where the barrel enters the rear sight block. Hold the grinder there and hold trigger on the main hand gripping the grinder to begin cutting. If sparks fly, you’re doing it right. Simply hold it there for a few seconds and the old barrel should fall out. Then you can place a new one in its stead and weld it in place.

To weld, simply hold grip and flick the switch on the yellow welding device (?) and then apply the welding stick (? again) to the green circle and hold trigger. You can optionally use your offhand to hold the welding mask up to your face and avoid blindness, but that is for losers. Real men go blind and then die shortly after.

Once your barrel is welded in place, you can reattach your upper and lower handguards or grab new ones to give your rifle some well-deserved pizzazz. Then, slide in a new bolt assembly and replace the recoil spring. Now your dust cover is ready to be slapped back on the gun. Last, but not least, high five yourself for successfully maintaining your firearm. Next, we get into painting. Oooh, pretty colors!

Weapon Customization

Once more, only the AK can be toyed with. So, the basics of gun customization are as follows. Right now, once you access the workshop by entering the “secret” passcode (7773, as shown atop the dart board), there are a few spare weapon parts inside the blue lockers down the stairs, as well as all the tools needed to take apart your gun and paint its components.

In order to change parts, simply remove the undesired part as is detailed in the previous section and install the replacement in the same spot. Currently, there is a replacement barrel, a spare bolt assembly, four matching upper and lower handguards, and two recoil springs. Upstairs, by the AK on the display table, rests two stocks and a buffer tube, one red dot sight, one laser, one dovetail sight mount with a holographic sight mounted, and a drum mag.

You can paint (almost) every part of the AK easily as well. Remove (or don’t, up to you, but it’s way easier to get every surface of the part if you remove it) the part in question and grab a spray paint can of the desired color. Then hold trigger and apply the spray onto the part in a back and forth swiping motion slowly, making sure to make multiple passes to even coat every part of the part. Once finished, put the part back onto the gun and admire the beauty. Everything on the gun can be painted, including the frame of the gun itself and the magazines, aside from the barrel and the bolt carrier. You can apply multiple coats of different paints to create colors not present initially, or even create camouflage by making neat little patterns with the paints. Have fun drawing a phallus on the side of your service rifle!

Mag Pouches and the Tablet

X + Grip is the go-to combo for things that seem to be untouchable via normal methods. This input is used for retrieving mags from their pouches on your chest and for grabbing the tablet found on your right shoulder. This section is shorter than the others due to the outright simplicity of it all.

Place a mag in your chest rig by just grabbing and dropping into the white icon on your pouches. This can be done with grenades on the pouches to the left and right of the magazine pouches. Hitting up on the right stick and clicking it in moves and allows you to use the pouches on your left hip, which can hold things like spare attachments. Hit right stick again to move the pouches back onto your hip.

X + Grip while reaching over your right shoulder allows you to grab a tablet which contains all of the in-game settings, ranging from graphics settings, showing/hiding the full body, changing rotate speed and type, grip behavior, and ranged grip type, to audio options, sitting/standing height modes and other lame stuff.

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