A Robot Named Fight – Things You Should to Know

Helpful information for (potentially) new players.

Some Things You Should Know

  1. This is primarily a roguelike

This is the most metroid-y roguelike we’ve got but don’t let that fool you, this is still primarily a roguelike. You will kill. And you will die. A lot. You will have unlucky runs. You may even have an unlucky streak. You could also have amazing runs. At default health you usually die in 4 hits and heart drops are not super common.

The rooms are prefabs so learning how to safely navigate them and the location of their items is key.

  1. You can save your run at any time and resume it later

There is no penalty for doing this.

  1. There are a few permanent upgrades

You can unlock:

  • Respawn points.
  • Wall jumping.
  • New areas.
  • Game modes.
  • Fully stocked .
  • A new vendor.
  • Random chance to start with something(s).
  1. How unlocks work

Anything you unlock during a run is not available until your next run.

  1. The Collection

After you unlock an item, you need to obtain it in a run. This will add it to your collection. Each save file has its own collection, and you can check it before loading a run.

When you’ve unlocked being able to start with things, you will only start with items from your collection.

  1. About Shrines

Every mechanical god has a holy number, indicated by the shape and roman numerals in their portrait when you talk to them. Make an offering of gray scrap divisible by this number to be on their good side and get buffs. Add colored scrap to the offering for special items. Each shrine can take up to 3 offerings.

  1. Walljumping

It’s mostly like Super Metroid’s with one major difference: you have to fall a bit.

  • Spinjump into wall.
  • Hold direction away from wall. Do not let go.
  • Wait until fight begins to fall.
  • Jump.

You can switch steps 2 and 3 if that makes it easier for you.

  1. Dealing With (Acid) Damage Over Time

You can quickly stop damage over time by killing an enemy and absorbing a heart drop.

  1. If You Delete Your Save On Accident

Select a save file then press Ctrl + A. This will sync the file with your Steam achievements. This will almost completely recover everything you lost.

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