Parker & Lane – 100% Achievement Guide

Parker & Lane - 100% Achievement Guide
Parker & Lane - 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to complete all achievements in “Parker and Lane – Criminal Justice”.

Achievements Guide

A hard day’s night: Complete Levels 1 – 5.

Case closed!: Unlock all the items within the case file by earning diamonds. Click on the diamond icon in the level select map to view the case file.

Master hacker: Complete all the hacking and unlocking minigames.

Diamonds are forever: Complete all the level challenges for Levels 1 – 60 and all bonus Challenge Levels.

Challenge accepted: Select the Daily Challenge at the bottom of the level select screen and play 15 days consecutively.

Shifter: Endless levels will unlock as you progress in the game. Play all of them at least once to unlock this achievement.

I see dead people: Find all the dead people and body parts. Click on all the dead people, as well as body parts hidden in the Abandoned Medical Department (Level 52-58). Their locations are as follows:

  1. The victim’s legs (Level 1)
  2. The victim’s body (Level 6)
  3. The victim’s body (Level 11)
  4. The victim’s body (Level 21)
  5. The full-body skeleton (Level 52-58)
  6. The brain in the head mold (Level 52-58)
  7. The skull on top of the boxes (Level 52-58)
  8. The eyes in the jar (Level 52-58)
  9. The brain in the jar (Level 52-58)

As many as the stars in the sky: Complete every level, both Story and Challenge, with a 3-star ranking.

Top notch: Upgrade the Police Station completely. This can be done at the start of any level which takes place at the Police Station.

Detective of the month: Complete all story levels with all investigators leaving with 3 hearts or higher.

The mouse collector: Find every mouse hidden in the game. One mouse is hidden in each story level.

Egg-citing!: This Easter egg can be unlocked in the Police Station (Level 4-5, Level 20, Level 30, Level 47-50). Click on the picture of the gun and target hanging on the bulletin board to unlock the trophy and the game’s hidden Easter egg. The secret bonus level Shooting Range can be played by clicking the Endless Level icon in the lower right corner of the level select map and choosing the target icon.

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