Inunaki Tunnel – Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Inunaki Tunnel - Walkthrough and Achievement Guide
Inunaki Tunnel - Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Seeing as there is nothing else up yet, and I have had my own share of struggles, I’m here to share what I have found…

General Walkthrough

Note: Credit goes to plsnobooli

If you are struggling to find what to do next to just advance the game, read on here for some directions and hints.

If for some reason you can’t figure out the first area, there is a ladder to the left of where you spawn in.

After you get into the tunnel, choose a path. Eventually you will see a brighter tunnel to the side.

You need a key to progress. Go up the side path and enter the shrine. If you can’t figure out how to get it open: look at the back, bottom corner of the building.

Afterwards, the key will be on the ground. Go ahead and use it.

Following the path leads us to the graveyard. There’s a puzzle. If you’ve been struggling with the puzzle and just want the answer, here it is:

Now you can step into the phone box for a fun little easter egg.

Otherwise, just follow the path all the way until the end. It should be pretty obvious what to do here.

If not: Grab the tongs at the end of the path, and take them back to the van. Use them to pull out the axe and go back to where you picked up the tongs. Use the axe to cut down the tree and cross the river.

Continue to follow the path, and go through the door. The stuff you need to progress is all in this area.

Confused? The bucket is on the little bridge. Take the log from the gate, where the red candles are, and install it next to the bell inside the building. Ring it for the crank. Come back and go past the log to the far banister and look against the railing to find the rope.

Use the new item and progress up the steps, go left, and eventually you can call the police for help. Good job! You are now safe, probably.


Chickened Out

The first achievement we can get. Turn around and leave. Easy.

The Cursed Clock

The next achievement, as you get this one just playing the game about midway through.

Avid Reader

This is for finding all the notes. Almost. Detailed in its own section.


For placing all the jizo statues on their alters. Detailed in its own section.

Bad Ending

Can you guess what you get this one for? But no, really, just go through the game doing what’s necessary to advance and don’t worry about anything else. Not like it’ll bite you in the ♥ or anything.

Good Ending

I actually got the secret ending first. Too curious for my own good, I guess. Just put up the jizo statues before you leave. Goes with Saint.

Secret Ending

There’s an extra note, but before that, you need to do something else. I’ll detail it at the end of the notes section.

Notes / Jizo Statues and Alters

Remember when I said I’d detail these in their own sections? They actually share a section, but that’s because some of them are together.

First Note

Just keep going straight in the tunnels, even when you get to a cross section. It’s hard to miss.

First Jizo

The first alter is behind the shrine. You’ll need to inside the grab the jizo statue.

Second Note

Going inside the shrine will also net you the second note.

Third Note

Is found inside, and at the back, of the dilapidated bus.

Fourth Note

Sits on the middle gravestone, in the row closest to the road.

Second Jizo

The alter is one far corner of the graveyard, the statue in the other.

Fifth Note and Third Jizo

After crossing the river, you can hear a dog. Go towards the dog and help it out. It will very kindly lead you to the fifth note and third jizo. This action is also required for the secret ending.

Fourth Jizo

This one is sneaky! If you search around the alter, try looking up. Yeah, it’s in the tree. Hope you kept your axe with you.

Sixth Note

This one is past the bell, on the far banister.

Seventh and Final Note and Fifth and Final Jizo

Close by, you’ll find the last note near a shovel. It’s in one of the corners of the porch, and will also direct you to the last jizo. Use the shovel to dig it up.

Eighth Note…

An extra note… If you took a certain action earlier, you can find this. But you’re not supposed to go down that path… If you help the dog, you can go up the steps and past the gates on the right, and if you follow the path all the way… You should probably run away.

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