Devil Slayer – Raksasi – Achievement Guide (Receiving Gaming Technology)

Devil Slayer - Raksasi - Achievement Guide (Receiving Gaming Technology)
Devil Slayer - Raksasi - Achievement Guide (Receiving Gaming Technology)

This guide will help you to get three Gaming Technology demanding achievements: Immaculate Integrity, Miserly Demon and Stay True.

How to Get Three Achievements

Note: Credit goes to Jaqen H'ghar


I managed to get “Immaculate Integrity”, “Miserly Demon”, “stay true”, and “Wallowing in Money” in a single game without using Scrooge, King of Thieves and Boss Baldwyn. Without a doubt, I struggled a lot.


Immaculate Integrity

Achievement description: Clear all 6 chapters without losing HP (Exchanging life for items with the Lantern Keeper is permitted).

Be aware of this, losing HP when fighting normal monsters is not allowed, either. Unlike the other two achievements, you’ll have to get yourself fully prepared to get this Immaculate Integrity achievement.

  1. Characters: Xilvaron has the highest damage and stamina recovery. I believe she is your best choice. If you’re not familiar with Xilvaron, try Ralciel instead.
  2. Weapons: Sword & Shield weapons can help you to avoid damages. Just look out for those defense-breaking attacks.
  3. Relics: Earth Dragon Claw, Divine Chrysanthemum, Glasses Cat’s Furball, Monster Hide Armor, Darksteel Armor, and Bone Shield will significantly reduce the damage received. The relics in Beastmaster Set may also help to make your combat easier.
    The most important relic to get this achievement is Restless Heart, which grants you 100 attack but reduce your max HP to 1. In regular games, you might avoid Restless Heart to ensure your victory. But now you want to get “Immaculate Integrity” achievement. Under this premise, max HP does not exist. A shorter combat time will surely decrease the chance of getting hit by your enemies.
  4. Gaming techniques:
  • Try to keep a high Spirit Armor.
  • Don’t be reckless. Only attack at perfect timing.
  • Know your enemies.

Miserly Demon

Achievement description: Clear all 6 chapters without purchasing any items.

Note this, “purchasing any items” refers only to shopping behaviors in the shop room. You can still use Scrooge, King of Thieves, Bottomless Treasure Chest, Greedy Spirit, and Mouse Spirit, all of which can randomly drop relics. Besides, you can withdraw your money from BOSS Baldwyn.

Stay True

Achievement description: Use the initial weapon, pass all 6 levels, do not allow to replace or upgrade weapons.

To get this achievement, you can’t change weapons. Picking up the weapon in the initial room is not allowed, either. If you have enough relics, this achievement should be the easiest one.

Try to save enough money to boss Baldwyn, better more than 500 gold coins. Take’em out when you meet BOSS baldwyn.

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