Port Royale 3 – How to Manage a Town

Port Royale 3 - How to Manage a Town
Port Royale 3 - How to Manage a Town

This guide attempt’s to teach a player of how to successfully manage a city and allow it to grow.

Managing Town Guide


Hello and welcome to this guide in the guide you will learn how to manage a town. Including how to further grow your town and later making it into a city.

I highly recommend using the Harbour Master DLC.

How to Obtain Your First Town

First and foremost you need a town, In order to obtain one you need to do one of two things.

Conquer a city with the rank of commodore and take the city for yourself.

Peacefully occupy a city by having 90% reputation with the country controlling the town, 75% of the business in town must be owned by you, additionally you need 90% reputation in that town.

The second option is far more difficult then the first. i do recommend you do the first option as it is a lot faster to accomplish.

Build Up Industry

The first thing your going to want to do is build industry as this makes the town grow and allow’s you to start working towards earning money. Simply place down any industry as you see fit

keep in mind if you place down something that requires a resource then you will need that resource in your warehouse. You can get resources by placing down industry that produces it or alternatively trade in another city for the resource you need and bring it back to your warehouse.

Town Trading

Once you have a decent enough industry you will start producing good’s that will go into your warehouse. In your warehouse i recommend hiring a steward and click the checkbox that says sell good’s as your warehouse will eventually begin to fill up. Or alternatively begin trading the good’s you are producing via your fleet.

Population Management

Once you have both a decent industry and a working trading economy you will need to build up residences to take up the new jobs from the industry you have placed. You simply need to buildup industry and residences alongside them to increase the population and thus changing how the town looks (and eventually becoming a large city).

It also is a good idea to check your town info to see what exactly is happening and check what’s happening with your population the green up arrow meaning its increasing and the red down arrow meaning its decreasing (if you have harbor master dlc checking satisfaction is a must, if it is lower than 70% then you might want to place a few park’s).

Be sure to check the warehouse as it usually tell’s you what is needed. For example if you need more residences the warehouse will have a bed icon over the warehouse itself.

Town Defense (Harbour Master DLC)

As you continue building up your town it may be invaded at some point. A good deterrent is building up defenses. you can do this by clicking on the fort or by clicking on your manor and selecting defense. There is a prompt there in which you can upgrade your defenses. It can be very challenging to obtain due to the amount of money needed. But it is worth it if you can get the fort upgraded enough.


By now if you have read and done everything in this guide then you have mastered town management. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the game. Feel free to repeat steps in the guide.

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