Day of Dragons – Basic Guide for New Players

Day of Dragons - Basic Guide for New Players
Day of Dragons - Basic Guide for New Players

Joining a Server

Note: Credit goes to Elias Auxilibus

To play the game in Early Access, make sure you’re not in any sort of beta branch. If you’ve been playing with beta, double check your betas tab for the game.

There’s a drop-down menu. Click it, then click “test – Public test branch” and the game should update for you.

Open up Day of Dragons, go to Multiplayer, and the servers should be there. Just click on one to join. If the servers don’t show up, restart Steam.

Once you go to join a server you are presented with 4 options in the top left. These are to spawn as various dragons, and to choose your gender if you wish to do so. Keep in mind that the dragons/wyvern are placeholders that will be replaced when proper models are available.

The Fire Wyvern is the only wyvern in the game at the moment. The Plasma Dragon is the smallest, yet fastest and is able to camouflage. The Fire Dragon is a newly added, and rather good looking, dragon.

Starting Off

When you begin you’ll start off in an egg. Press E to hatch. The color of your dragon is randomized upon hatching.

To find out your gender if you went with “Random” during character select, type /gender in chat.

You’ll begin at an oasis. At the time this was written there are 3 oasis’ scattered around the desert. They commonly go by “1 Pond” (which has 1 body of water with a central “island”), “2 Pond” (has 2 bodies of water), and “3 Pond” (3 bodies of water, largest oasis of the three).

There is a water source at each one. A reliable food source is only available at 1 Pond. At the other oasis’ you must kill other players in order to have food, or have an adult carry you to 1 Pond.

There’s several things to take note of in the bottom right and the bottom middle of the screen. The bottom right has several colored bars. Green is your health, red is hunger, and blue is thirst. In the bottom middle when you run, fly, or swim, there’ll be a white stamina bar that appears. It can regenerate slowly by standing still, or faster by resting (press R to rest).

Resting will also help you grow faster. To run, hold Shift. You can press X to change between a slow walk and a faster trot that uses a little stamina. C will make you crouch. Space will make you jump.

In the bottom left is the chat box. Press T to make it disappear or reappear. To type, press Enter and start typing away. While you’re able to type, you can click on either Global, Group, or Local to switch between the three available chat channels.

Food and Water

As time goes on your food and water (red and blue bars in the bottom right) will decrease over time. When one of these run out you’ll start to lose health.

To drink from water, the easiest thing to do is to simply walk into it and stay near the shore and hold E. It may take a few moments for your thirst to go up. If it doesn’t work, go in the water a little deeper and hold E again.

For food, there is a dead, yellow, non-draconic creature with flies buzzing around it at 1 Pond. Simply walk into it to refill hunger. 1 pond/portal pond is the only place to find it. It’s in the center on the island.

Alternatively, walk up to a dead dragon and hold E. If there is no dead bodies and you’re not at 1 Pond, you must either kill another player for food or have an adult take you to 1 Pond.

As you grow larger, your reserves for each will increase (it will not visibly show it via larger bars, etc.) and you will have to seek out food and water occasionally.

Flight and Exploration

I will not spoil locations, etc., for you, but I will give you some basics.

You need to be at least 0.5 for growth to be able to fly. The yellow “bile bar” in the bottom right will start to fill as well. To check your growth, type /growth.

To fly, simply press F. If you fall back to the ground, hold Space as your “jumping” to help get you in the air, as sometimes just pressing F doesn’t work. You can also run, jump, then press F at the height of your jump to get in the air faster.

Space will make you go up. Alt will make you go down. Shift, while held, will make you fly faster (like running), and make yoo go up or down faster.

Hold Right Mouse Button and move your mouse to look around without your camera resetting. Letting go of RMB will reset the camera. To land, simply go to the ground and your dragon will automatically land when you’re close enough.

At this time there is 1 location to explore. The desert.

Note: Redwoods is unavailable for exploration due to it’s buggy nature. Only the desert is available. The portal has disappeared.


Combat is still being tweaked, but it’s functional for now.

In any case, here are the controls:

  • Press V to set yourself on fire as a Fire Wyvern. You can do this when you reach 0.5 for growth. This will damage anyone that comes into contact with you.
  • Press Left Mouse Button to bite.
  • Hold Right Mouse Button and press Left Mouse Button to breath fire or shoot plasma once you reach 0.5 in growth.

Once you reach 0.5 in growth you’ll see the yellow bile bar in the bottom right fill up. That’s your “breath meter,” essentially. Breath fire/plasma, and it drains. Don’t breath fire/plasma, and it refills. You can rest to have it recharge faster.

At 1.0 growth with a full bile bar, you can breathe fire continuously for roughly 35.5 seconds.

Additionally, it seems that the larger you are, the farther your breath attack will go. This is especially noticeable for Plasma dragons.

Picking up Babus (and Dealing with Pookie)

I don’t have a better place to put this right now, so it’s going here…

You can now pick up baby dragons.

In order to do so, you both need to be in the same group. You must be full grown (a 1.0 adult. Type /growth to see your current growth), and the person you’re trying to pick up must be under 0.3.

Go up to them, hold right click while looking at them (the dot focused on them), press E.

As for Pookie, the sandworm looking thing, it can track down and kill players. On the other hand, you’re able to kill it now (if you’re brave, strong, and lucky enough!).

The more people that are gathered together, the more likely Pookie will show up there.

You might get a warning of sorts when Pookie is about to attack, as it’ll burst out of the ground and roar. The best things you can do is to run or stick close to “solid objects” like trees. Swimming in water and standing next to huge boulders is not safe. It can grab you out of the air if you’re not flying high enough as well.

Pookie is much less likely to attack if nobody visits the “graveyard.”

Please note that my information on Pookie is just stuff I have picked up talking to people and from my own observations.

Final Note

And the rest is up to you! Explore, break the game, attempt and fail to crash the server, do whatever you want!

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  1. How do i kill the giant sand worm thing, cause I haven’t found any food, at all in the game, constantly die. I have heard you can kill this thing, but 8m a baby dragon. I was also told I could dig for food, but don’t know how.

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