Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall – Achievement Guide (Fall of the Curtain DLC)

Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall - Achievement Guide (Fall of the Curtain DLC)
Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall - Achievement Guide (Fall of the Curtain DLC)

A temporaily achievement guide of the new DLC.


Note: Credit goes to MuseFollower

Press F

Lose the civil war by either control<80 and soviet union collapse after the game ends or simply lose all regions and lose the siege of Kabul (doing nothing is good enough).

Peace on Afghan soil

End the game with full control of Afghan territory. It is possible to do this without triggering the “end of war” event.

National Reconciliation Policy

Keep Socialist camp stable, create Indo-Pakistani war to sanction Pakistan. During the congress transform the party and go to talks. Do not replace the opposition with more secular figures and in 1991 August, If control is 100%, the event “end of war” will appear. Choose the second option.

Phyyrhic victory

Use all resources that gorby gave you to keep social camp stable, research technologies and develop trade while if the socialist camp is alive, if the siege event triggers request help from the socialist camp(it will make defending the capital much easier with bonus resources).

Do in remind that it is very difficult to develop economy with only Kabul in the 1.70 update, so basically try to lose all territory at the near end of the game.


Extinct Sun

Let Kim il Sun die by letting living standards below 35 (Throughout decentralizing the economy) after 1989 July.

Realize the century long dream

Rehabilitate Kim Yong Chun. Let Kim il Sun die and after some moments the VI army will try to lauch a coup. Assign Kim Yong Chun to the forces to disband so that he will overthowrn Kim Jong il. Then liberalize the regime(It’s pretty liberalized when Yong Chun come to power) throughout opening of SEZ and banishing Juche ideology. When 1991 December arrives, choose talks for a unifed Korea.

One and indivisble

Get invaded without nuclear weapons.

Korea and China are brothers forever

Get your nuclear weapons, choose to demilitarize a bit (or no truce when invasion level is low). Make sure conservetives come to power in China and in the end you will receive thos achievement.


New Batista

Do not arrest T. Ochoa. Make westlagie go high and choose the third option in “The end of commandante”. Then liberalise the regime quickly and join the American influence in 1991. Make sure Fidel Castro is overthorwn before 1990 or you will lose the chance to lift the USA embargo.

“Liberty” island

Remain socialism with Fidel, and trade with Eurocommunist Japan. When the game ends you will get this achievement.

That was in October’62

You have to be authoritarian or Develop Socialism. Watch socialist camp collapse and make alkins come to power, NATO invasion have to be high (This can be achieved without concession with diplomatic positions, daily speeches against the west). But it is unable to raise threat that high in the end somehow.

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