8-Bit Farm – 100% Achievements Guide

A quick guide to completing achievements and having some fun along the way.

How to Get All Achievements

Welcome, we open today!
Proof of opening the farm.

This achievement is earned after opening the farm by completing the tutorial, and is pretty self explanatory.

Master of wonderful placement
Proof of discovering 20 combos.

Placing two related items close-by provides a combo bonus for the surrounding area, and this achievement requires that you find 20 of these combinations. Some are given to you at the start of the game, but here are 20 that I found I could get earliest in the game.

There may be some more that I missed so feel free to play around with it.

  • Vending Machine + Bench
  • Shop + Bench
  • Bench + Recycling Bin
  • Recycling Bin + Restroom
  • Raffle Booth + Oink Gate
  • Hedge + Flower Field
  • Restroom + Field
  • Garden Gnome + Field
  • Planter + Field
  • Tree Stump + Field
  • Hedge + Rose Archway
  • Oink Gate + Rose Archway
  • Tree + Tree Stump
  • Tree + Potted Plant
  • Fire Hydrant + Lamppost
  • Weather Instruments + Anemometer
  • Bench + Bench
  • Shop + Shop
  • Rose Archway + Rose Archway
  • Barn + Ranch

Elegant farm
Proof of winning the contest 25 times or more.

After a while you gain access to contests where judges will assign votes based on your stats. These can be farm-wide, within a certain area, and can be specific to a type of produce (flower, veggie, fruit, livestock). You will want the maximum vote count to safely win each contest (40*judges), so make sure your stats are up to scratch. That being said, there is no cost for entering and you can try an unlimited number of times.

If you complete up to the second tier of each contest given you should pass 25 wins (though you will need more to boost your chances for the other achievements) so a mid-range farm should be sufficient. You can check your progress in General Info.

The topic farm nowadays
Proof that ranked first in yearly ranking.

At the end of every year your farm is ranked on four metrics including money earned, visitor count, satisfaction rating, and average staff stats. You will only need to rank first in one of these metrics. I found that visitor count was the quickest to progress, although staff stats provides the most consistent growth if you maintain your average well and don’t mind grinding idly. These were the values I had when I reached each threshold:

  • Earnings: 6000000
  • Visitors: 1000
  • Satisfaction: 50000
  • Staff: (I haven’t played long enough to reach this yet lol)

Lots of photos of memories
Proof of running a farm for many years.

This achievement is awarded for reaching Y26 M4, or playing for 25 years on the farm and entering the “endgame”. You are free to continue playing beyond this point, though at this point your score is calculated and you earn points that you can use for NG+ that can carry over certain stats.

I found it easier to stick with my original farm rather than rolling over to NG+, though it’s your choice. You also unlock fast mode after reaching end-game however, which is essential for progressing to get the other achievements.

Yesterday’s robot is today’s customer
Proof of Kairobot became a customer.

To get this achievement you must unlock Kairobot (the developer mascot) as a customer to your farm. Although it isn’t visible in the visitor list, you unlock this customer by completing tier 25 of the Gourmet Fest festival. In this game mode, you essentially compete in a match-3 game mode (similar to Chuzzle) to beat 3 opponents for prize money and hats.

To gain the requisite stats to give you a chance in the festival you have to cultivate either fruits or veggies, so it may be easiest to focus primarily on growing your farm’s supply of fields to keep up. I found myself flipping all of my fields between the two by the end. I also had a final stat level of 70000 if that gives you a good idea of what level you need to reach.

After beating this festival, he will show up at your gate and the achievement will pop.

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