Charles Haunted Mansion – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I really like the idea. By the way, why did you make this game?

I wanted to create a weird experimental horror game for you. Finally, I have successfully created the game in the way I wanted it to be made and I am proud of it. I will create more unique experimental horror games in the future for you.

  1. Will it have Controller Support?

Yes, it supports XBOX 360 Controller only.

  1. What will be the price of the game when released?

It will be priced at $0.99. There will be a discount at launch.

  1. Will there be any future update for this game?

Obviously! All future updates for this game will be free for you once you purchase.

  1. What is the length of the game?

It depends on how you play it. The average time required to finish the game is about half an hour.

  1. Did you make all the assets in the game?

Yes, I am a solo developer and I have worked on Graphics, artwork, programming, level design, story except for the music.

  1. Is there a chance of any sequel in the future?

Maybe, in the future.

  1. When will you release this game?

It will be released on 15th September, 2023 and the release date is subject to change.

  1. I am a YouTuber/Twitch Streamer and I would like to stream or review this game. Can I really make one?

Yes. Feel free to make as many videos as you want.

  1. Will this game be available on Linux too?

Yes, it will be available on both Windows and Linux(Ubuntu) OS on Day 1.

  1. Will there be achievements in the future?

Yes, absolutely! There will be around 10 achievements in order to reward the players for their small accomplishments.

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