EMERGENCY 4 – How to Install / Load Mods

EMERGENCY 4 - How to Install / Load Mods
EMERGENCY 4 - How to Install / Load Mods

This guide will teach you: How to install mods, how to load mods in your game, and etc.

Installing Mods to Your Game

Note: Credit goes to Bioturtle

First off, there are 2 methods to installing mods: First and most popular method used by modders is the drag and drop installation, then there are .e4 mods that all you have to do is open the mod installer by selecting “Mod Installer” on Steam after pressing Play button or open the .exe and find the file then hit open and it will install.

Installing drag and drop mods:

  • Find your mods folder in your Emergency /911 First Responders Directory
  • Extract the mod by using Windows default extractor for .zip files or 7zip for .rar files and the rare .7z files or Winzip for .rar
  • Take the extracted files and put them in the Mods folder in the Emergency /911 First Responders Directory (Note: Your mod will not work if you do not take the file out of the folder)
  • Your done! Go to the “Inserting the Mod into your game” to find out how to Insert the mod so you can actually use it.

Installing .e4 mods. I kinda already explained this above, so if you read all that your a good reader.

Inserting the Mod into Your Game

How to insert the mod:

  • Launch the game.
  • Go to the mods tab on the tablet looking thing.
  • Click the mod you want to insert in your current game and wait half a eternity (This is normal if it seems to freeze).
  • Once if pops back to the main screen, your done!

Extra Stuff

If lights do not flash and instead you see white squares, your probably missing corona’s and refer to the readme.txt in the mod file for additional help.

If your game crashes, its either a conflict with game addons like the corona mod or your mod doesn’t like your hardware.

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