Kenshi – Making Money with Bandanas!

Kenshi - Making Money with Bandanas!
Kenshi - Making Money with Bandanas!

A guide to making very broken amounts of money crafting bandanas.

How to Make Money

Note: Credit goes to Lithit

A really good early-ish way to make money is to make bandanas. Now this requires a fair degree of money and preferably no less then 2 people to setup, but goes like this:

  • Find a city with both a general shop (or even better a mechanical shop) and houses for sale. (You’ll have to repair them if the house is broken, but broken houses are much cheaper). You can click on buildings to check if they are on sale, the smallest house ( a small shack I believe), is more than enough, but you can get a more expensive one if you have the money to spare.
  • Buy the house for sale, purchase some building material and build a research bench in the house. Using books purchased from the general store or mechanical shop, research up till armour crafting (this will cost you a few thousand or so cat, but trust me it’s worth it).
  • Once you’ve researched the ability to craft clothes, have somebody go buy some fabric from the aforementioned store(s) and start crafting bandanas.
  • At first you’ll barely break even (I think prototype will even have you operate on a loss, but I might be wrong), but with just a few minutes of practice, your character will consistently make a profit, and with even more dedication (and i do mean a fair bit of dedication) you can be selling bandanas for as much as 2k+ a pop. This is with each bandana costing less than 1 fabric, valued at somewhere between 80-300 cats.

Some Notes

  • It’s highly advised you recruit a new character who’s race gives them bonuses towards crafting armour. Don’t spend anything more than 1k cats if you can, AFAIK no recrutibales start with armour crafting skill.
  • As was stated several times through out the guide, this strategy costs a lot of money to setup. Off the top of my head, I can’t imagine this costing anything less than around 12k cats (a conservative estimate), but trust me, barring bounties and exploring really dangerous places, nothing makes more money than this strategy once your crafter has leveled up a bit.
  • You’ll need both fabric and armour storage if you want this to automate itself. You’ll have to research both and neither are really expensive to build (costing around 2 building materials each), but TRUST ME, you do not want to not have them. I’d suggest even having 2 armour storage and atleast 2 fabric storage, so you can just forget about it for a while you go out adventuring. Keep them close to the crafting station, to save on hauling time.
  • When you start making a fair bit of profit of this, I would also suggest buying a garru (with a backpack of course) to help carry the bandanas to a shop to sell them. You’ll need another person to talk to the shopkeeper (preferably not the crafter, who’s time is money).
  • Buying a house close to a store or bar will save you a lot of time hauling the bandanas back and forth.
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