Crossroads Inn – Beginners Guide

Crossroads Inn - Beginners Guide
Crossroads Inn - Beginners Guide

Small guide as I see lots of repeating questions in discussions. This is gameplay, inn layout, crafting, staff, recipes, gossip, few tips and tricks.


Note: Credit goes to filip

Initial Building – plan ahead, deleting tiles is costly. I like to start at the path, I don’t leave any space in front of the inn. It is better to have larger areas, easier to optimize the use the space.

Kitchen is your main hub for producing, have the cauldron etc close to the main hall. Put the wood holder close to cauldron etc and put it on higher priority so that your cooks and servers don’t have to walk too far for wood when cooking.

Storage – I just have a larger kitchen and store everything there, less doors, less walking. Or I have a bit of storage outside, next to production buildings. You can set what is stored in the storage. Grain for chicken coop, hops for brewery.

In the Main hall place the counter with the back towards the tables, so that servers don’t have to circle around the counter for drinks. Guest will walk to the front of the counter. Leave isles between furniture, so that guests and servers can walk. Have barrels close to the counter, so that counter can be quickly refilled. I use one barrel for each type of alcohol I serve.

Gaming room needs fame 22, gaming chairs with chairs, guest who want to play and a scoundrel. Currently there is a bug that scoundrel will always stay at the gaming table.

Staff rooms needs beds, staff just sleeps there.

Guest room needs beds. The prettier the room is, the more you can charge. So buy nice beds and decorate when you have money. The guest room is a dormitory, so a nice big room with loads of beds.

Private room needs a bed and other furniture based on the guest wishes. Guest with keys. Adventurers want usually a bed, chest and chamber pot, bards a bed, decorative table (not a regular one) and chamber pot. Chests and the antler head decoration are also on the map. Chest. elegant desk and chamber pot should unlock with unlocking adventurers. The Vendettas want their special bed, changing screen and a mirror desk (dresser). Vedetta furniture unlocks with unlocking vedetta. I usually have 4 square rooms.

Above all, have enough space so that guest and employees can move and not get stuck.


Labourer – carry, carpentry, farm, clean, kitchen work and manual work.

Server – clean, waiting tables, room service, gossip and innkeep. Select each server and unselect tasks as needed. Cleaning and bed making (room service) can be done by labourers, gossip by guards and scoundrels, innkeep by kitchen staff.

Kitchen staff – kitchen work is mostly cleaning dishes, innkeep is at the counter greeting guests and letting them use the guest room. Cooking is preparing dishes and artisan is crafting beer etc.

Watchmen does carry, gossip, watch and patrol. I think in the campaign it is a part of the game that they do not stop the soldiers. In sandbox I have seen them sometimes stop thieves. Or throw drunk people out.

Scoundrel does gossip, watch, gamble, entertain and steal. If you get your scoundrel before fame 22, when the gaming room unlocks, you can use him for gossip. Just unselect the gossip from some other employees, so that you don’t have too many with the same tasks – then they are idle. After fame 22 please check the guide section rooms. To steal, click on a guest and select steal. If you have other honest employees, this might anger them.

Click and un-click tasks in employees, so that you get a balance, or get work done. If you have a slow employee, he can clean, there it does not matter how slow he is. Bad service? Have servers only wait tables. No beer is crafted? Have a cook just with artisan. Dirty inn? Have employees who just clean. I try to avoid gloomy and chaotic employees. Other than that, I think the employees are similar. Drinker will steal booze, be sick from hangover. Sickly employees will get another sickness. Slackers and lazy will stay around and slack, smokers will sit at tables and smoke.

Use praise or bonus to boost employee happiness and morale. Scolding boosts productivity for a bit, but lowers employee happiness and morale, so I recommend not using it.

I don’t think that the higher tier workers are so much better or do more of the job than the low tier ones. You can have a chef for 400 or 10 kitchen helps for 40. I don’t upgrade to have access to better workers.


When you buy ingredients, switch on the resources on the map. When you see a resource on the map, usually in the cities around it is cheaper. Try optimizing recipes – use recipes that have at least a few same ingredients. You can buy them in bulk and need less storage.

For example a honey bread sells for 70, you can buy 10 bread for 40-50 and produce honey in the garden. The cost per one honey bread are 4-5, so should be generating nice money.

Different recipes have different preparation – cauldron, oven, stove, grill and counter. You can use also queue the meals, but currently don’t have more than a 3-4 per dish, then it just sits there and the servers ignore it.

You can get more recipes on the map for 200 guldens, the cook will get it.

Bug – grill is not available in sandbox.

A cool tip from Deathstroke: If you want to watch any resources easily. You can go to the resources tab, click a resource then click the eye icon. Then it will display the resource on the bottom of the screen for you!


Garden patch is for growing potato, cabbage, onion, garlic, grain, carrot and turnip. Trellis is for hop (lager and ale in brewery), tomato, grape and beans. Some things are cheap to buy – grain, onion, some are expensive – garlic. Decide for yourself what is available and what you want to produce.

Brewery uses hop for lager and ale, apples for cider, honey for mead.
Bees produce honey and wax. Candle maker uses wax, produces candles.
Chicken coop turns grain into eggs.
Dugout should be able to grow mushrooms, but is a bit buggy now.
Candle maker, mill and bread oven have no turn off button. For candles it does not matter. For bread and flour you can move the bread oven and mill into a 2×1 room without doors. Or buy the flour and bread, they are not too expensive.


Green is for paying for opening trade routes with other cities, or discount when buying ingredient (5 gossip is 10% discount, up to 30%). Whatever saves you more money.

Blue is for gaining influence in other cities or revealing traits in employees. I keep it for revealing traits, you can get influence in cities by paying the town crier.

Red is for revealing the details of quests for adventurers on the notice board.


Have one basic shelf just for dirty dishes, one just for clean dishes. Unselect clean and dirty dishes from all other storage. If your dishes keep multiplicating (bug) you will see when it is full of dirty dishes and you can delete it. And you will always have space to store clean ones, so your kitchen staff does not stop cleaning just because you ran out of storage space. Use more shelf if you have a lot of dishes, you can separate also clean mugs and plates into their shelfs. Now the dishes keep disappearing for me, maybe bug, or maybe part of game that guest break or steal mugs and plates.

Inn Upgrades

1 Point of fame equals to 1 point for inn upgrades. Check the map what is available. If you can get a better washer, tool shelf, smoke house, mill or bread oven from the map, you don’ have to spend the point in the inn upgrade.

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