Territory Idle – Basic Guide

Territory Idle - Basic Guide
Territory Idle - Basic Guide

So basically I started to play this game but couldn’t find any guides. As there are is no way of looking up almost anything I decided to make my own notes – and if I’m doing it anyway I can as well share them with you.

Getting Started

You have 100 wheat and 4 tiles. If you’re having problems with reading tips ingame I’m afraid you aren’t going to understand this either. But I’ll tell you about this anyway, as I’m waiting for my hero to conquer next tile and become useless again.

First of all, you gotta create a wheat field. Then hire some workers, then buy another wheat field and so on, until all fields are filled up, then you can abdicate. Abdicating before getting 10 gold is pointless because you need to buy wood for your newly acquired gold for a forest camp; from my own experience it’s even better to wait until you get about 21 gold (1 for the first tile, 10 for the next and 10 for wood for forest camp).

After you abdicated you can make wood reliably – but it is pointless saving wood for building just a quarry – the worker cost is quite high and it gets you just 0.1 gold after abdication. Build a farm instead and it will give you 0.1 gold more per every farmer per every worker on a wheat field tile. The increase in the food supply is also a nice boost for further development before next abdication.

As soon as you decided that you’re ready to “waste” two tiles you can build a quarry and progress further to the temple, or school, whatever you find more profitable (I personally avoid building schools in the early game because after I built them I don’t really need the extra income of resources other than wheat). At this point you should have put away 500 gold (+10 for the forest camp after abdication) so you may pick a pantheon and make it your heritage.

That was about it, the world is open for you, try stuff out and look up stuff you don’t know on my guide.


God of Stone


  • +1 holiness per each quarry.
  • +2 holiness per each temple.
  • +3 holiness per each academy.
  • -10 holiness per each school.
  • -10 holiness per each farm.
  • x5 holiness gain during stone ritual.


  • +99 to worker effectiveness for basic workers during their rituals – 9999 holiness, x10 multiplier.
  • +99 to armor for every hero equipped during ritual – 99999, 100x multiplier.
  • Reseting the cost of other abilities and ritual to base cost.


Standard rules + no schools, no farms, instead there is a cave (free building) which saves 1% of your wheat, wood and stone after you abdicate.

Starting Tiles

  • Trial 1 – 6
  • Trial 2 – 6.
  • Trial 3 – 6.

Required tiles to finish

  • Trial 1 – 12.
  • Trial 2 – 18.
  • Trial 3 – 24.


  • Trial 1 – +20% stone production with stone god.
  • Trial 2 – +20% basic resource production during rituals.
  • Trial 3 – +10% stone production, +10 amber.


  • +1 stone per mason.
  • +300 faith when building a quarry.
  • +600 faith when building a temple.
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