Catmaze – Item Location Maps

Catmaze - Item Location Maps
Catmaze - Item Location Maps

Maps of the locations of Spheres of the Dawn Goddess, Veles Spheres, Keys, amulets, bracelets, amulet upgrades, and prayer stones.


Note: Credit goes to eishiya

Here is the map with everything on it. It’s rather overwhelming! So, if you’re looking for something specific, I recommend using the individual maps below.

Spheres of the Dawn Goddess

Spheres of the Dawn Goddess increase your maximum HP.

The sphere next to the save point in the Autumn Woods cannot be accessed from the rest of the map. To reach it, you must break a ceiling in a room in the castle area (east, northwest, west from the warp near the Guardian). The breakable ceiling is in the middle of that room.

Veles Spheres

Veles Spheres increase your maximum MP.

Prayer Rune Stones

Activating these stones increases the effectiveness of praying at Sun towers, increasing the shield HP you get.


Keys are used to unlock chests.

You can also obtain a key from Volibor when you give him the first Tirlich Grass.

Amulets & Bracelets

Amulets are equippable items that increase your stats depending on their current level. One amulet can be active at a time.

Bracelets do nothing at first, but if you save the smith, he can upgrade them for you, which will make them increase your stats. All the bracelets are active simultaneously.

Amulet Level Increases

These scrolls increase the maximum level your amulets can obtain, allowing them to become powerful. The max level starts at 2, and can go up to 7.

You can obtain another level increase from Volibor when you give him the second Tirlich Grass.

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