HITMAN 2 – All Disguises

HITMAN 2 - All Disguises
HITMAN 2 - All Disguises

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Armed Guards

  • Hired Mercenary.

Yes, there is only one disguise here.

Miami, USA

Common disguises

  • Event Crew
  • Event Security
  • Food Vendor
  • Kronstadt Engineer
  • Kronstadt Security
  • Medic
  • Race Marshall
  • Waiter

Uncommon Disguises

  • Journalist (VIP Lounge, Podium and inbetween)
  • Kitchen Staff (Kitchen near the VIP Lounge)
  • Kronstadt Researcher (Android Lab and Android Showroom)
  • Mascot (one in the Parking Garage and one roaming the Stands)
  • Race Coordinator (around the Podium building)
  • Mechanics (in their respective garages)
  • Aeon Mechanic
  • Kowoon Mechanic
  • Kronstadt Mechanic
  • Sotteraneo Mechanic
  • Thwack Mechanic

Unique Disguises

  • Florida Man (fishing on the Pier)
  • Moses Lee (comes out after the race)
  • Pale Rider (Locker Room under garages)
  • Sheik (Thwack Paddock)
  • Street Musician (Bayside Tunnel)
  • Ted Mendez (Bayside Center Entrance)

Drivers (also unique)

  • Aeon Driver (VIP lounge)
  • Blue Seed Driver (handing out signatures near the main entrance)
  • Crashed Driver Kronstadt (Emergency Bay)
  • Kowoon Driver (VIP Lounge)
  • Thwack Driver (south VIP building staircase)

Santa Fortuna, Colombia

Armed Guards

  • Coca Field Guard (Coca Plantation)
  • Elite Guard (Tunnels)
  • Mansion Guard (Mansion)
  • Street Soldier (Village, Construction Site)


  • Chef (Mansion Kitchen)
  • Coca Field Worker (Coca Plantation)
  • Construction Worker (Construction Site)
  • Drug Lab Worker (Production Shed)
  • Gardener (Mansion Gardens)
  • Mansion Staff (Mansion)
  • Submarine Crew (Submarine Dock)


  • Band Member (Drummer) (Drummer’s Apartment)
  • Barman (Village Bar)
  • Hippie (Village Hostel)
  • Hippo Whisperer (Hippo Enclosure)
  • Shaman (Jungle)
  • Submarine Mechanic (Fishing Shanty)
  • Tattoo Artist (Village Bar)

Mumbai, India

Armed Guards

  • Bollywood Bodyguard (Rangan Tower upper floors)
  • Elite Thug (Crow’s Hideout)
  • Local Security (Rangan Tower lower floors)
  • Queens Bodyguard (Train Yard inside)
  • Queens Guard (Trainyard outside)
  • Thug (Slums)


  • Bollywood Crew (Film Shoot)
  • Dancer (Makeup Area)
  • Food Vendor
  • Laundry Worker (Mumbai Laundry)
  • Metal Worker (Metal Worker’s District)
  • Vanya’s Servant (Train Yard inside)


  • Barber (Barber Shop)
  • Holy Man (patrolling Slums)
  • Kashmirian (Chawl Sniper Spot)
  • Laundry Foreman (Mumbai Laundry Foreman’s Office)
  • Lead Actor (just north of Slum Square)
  • Painter (Rangan Tower Studio)
  • Tailor (Tailor shop)

Whittleton Creek, USA

Armed Guards

  • Police Deputee (near roadworks)
  • Cassidy Bodyguard (Cassidy’s house)
  • Spencer “The Hammer” Green (Cassidy’s house)
  • Janus’ Bodyguard (Janus’ house)
  • Gunther Mueller (Janus’ house)
  • Sheriff Masterson (Just look around the streets)


  • Gardener (In the shed to the left of the Whitteton Creek start location)
  • Exterminator (Outside Cassidy’s house)
  • Garbage Man (Near garbage truck)
  • Construction Worker (Construction area)
  • Plumber (House for sale)


  • Politician (near Whittleton Creek start location)
  • Politician’s Assistant (near Whittleton Creek start location)
  • James Batty (Batty’s house)
  • Real Estate Broker (Muffin stand)
  • Nurse (Feeding the ducks)
  • Arkian Robe (Janus’ house)
  • Mailman (Walking the streets)
  • Server (BBQ party)
  • BBQ Owner (BBQ party)

Isle Of Sgail, North Atlantic

Armed Guards

  • Guard (Crypt)
  • Raider (Special guards in the warehouse)
  • Elite Guard (Constant’s office)


  • Entertainer (Closet)
  • Event Staff (Stronghold showroom)
  • Initiate (Upper courtyard)
  • Ark Member (Upper courtyard)
  • Master Of Ceremonies (Back stage)
  • Custodian (Back stage)
  • Blake Nathaniel (Gallery)
  • Chef (Kitchen)
  • Burial Robes (Morgue)
  • Butler (Constant’s office)
  • Architect (Hyperborea showroom)
  • Castle Staff (Architects lounge)
  • Jebediah Block (Armory roof)
  • Armored Knight (Penthouse)

New York, USA

Armed Guards

  • Security Guard (Deposit boxes)
  • High Security Guard (Vault security)


  • Bank Robber (Main toilets, right of the entrance)
  • IT Worker (IT room)
  • Investment Banker (Deposit boxes)
  • Janitor (Balcony to the right, overlooking Teller hall)
  • Fired Banker (Up the main stairs at the back of Teller hall, to the right)
  • Job Applicant (Waiting lounge toilets)
  • Bank Teller (Interview room)
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