Macdows 95 – Achievements Guide

Macdows 95 - Achievements Guide
Macdows 95 - Achievements Guide

How to get every achievement!


a x b = win

Complete the numbers game (inside programs folder). Match 4 consecutive numbers in the grid horizontal, verical, or diagonal to win. It’s a game of multiplication of the inner and outer circle digits. You have better chances of winning if you start with a central number.

Beat the pong

Win a game of pong. Find pong in the programs folder and open it. Then, click the microphone icon top right. Pull on the jack that comes down. The trick here is that you actually need to use a real microphone. Blow into it/make noise to lift the paddle. It may take a few tries to get it right. Score 5 points to finish a game.

Bluetooth message

Click the Bluetooth icon upper right. Arrange the blue dots to draw the actual Bluetooth icon. After you do this, you’ll get an unlock from the desktop showing you more shapes to draw. Complete all the figures to get the message.

Die only when you are 5

Open the battery mini-game upper right. As the name says, intentionally lose at 5 points. This is easier if you avoid collecting the stationary green dots.

Don’t Touch

Easiest one. Allow the game to idle, and a screensaver appears. Continue to wait some time until you hear a chime, this triggers the achievement.

Last supper

After completing the portals game (open portal 1 & 2 at the same time, and walk a path to collapse all the white boxes) then a central dot appears on the desktop. Click it to go back to the password screen.

Try all sorts of combinations of the original password digits 8,7,3. Some digits repeat.

After finding them all, the achievement will unlock.

Read the last page

After you unlock a node that shows a black book turning a page, click the lower right corner of the desktop, and keep doing so until you arrive back on the desktop as before. This unlocks the achievement.

Say my name

Type clippy on the desktop. Small black circles will appear at the top of the screen to indicate correct entry.

Square on desktop

Click and drag anywhere on the desktop. when you release you will get a percentage showing how close to a perfect square you drew. Keep trying and at 100% it will pop.

Support it

Find support from the drop-down red ribbon upper left. Copy the shape of the icon (light up all segments except the very bottom) to get the achievement.

Wake up

After turning all nodes on desktop green, you’ll meet the blue screen. Press W as instructed to wake up and get the achievement. This one’s hard to miss.

Weep all the mines

Open mines in the program folder and complete one round. It’s reverse minesweeper, you want to click only on mines. Right click will mark spaces empty to help you keep track.

Yunus’ triangle

After completing the Ford’s triangle puzzle (stacking the desktop icons by their sum), the new unlocked circle has a switch. Click it, and it shows yunus’ triangle, requiring subtraction. Construct the upside-down triangle, and again touch the red ball to block “1”, and you receive the achievement.

The solution is:

  • Row / Numbers
  • Top – 9,5,2
  • Middle – 4,3
  • Bottom – 1
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