Backbone: Prologue – Speedrun Walkthrough

Backbone: Prologue - Speedrun Walkthrough
Backbone: Prologue - Speedrun Walkthrough

Demo is 1 hour long, but you can beat it in 10 minutes. Here is a walkthrough!


In case you were stuck due to a bug, please make sure you got the latest patch, delete the save files on your computer (local/AppData/Detective), and start over. You can then get to any part you left off very quickly using this guide.


  • Pick up plates from Howard’s desk
  • Pick up developers in the kitchen
  • Place plates in the sink
  • Place developers in the office
  • The client will arrive and then you can proceed to Granville


  • Talk to Anatoly
  • Talk to Bouncer
  • Talk to Larry, tell him Bouncer won’t let you into the Bite
  • Talk to Squirrel
  • Talk to Bouncer

The Bite:

  • Talk to Clarissa

Back on Granville:

  • There are two ways in

Through the backdoor:

  • Talk to Bo, get a newspaper from him
  • Go through the Truck in the Alley, read through newspapers, invoices, listen to recordings
  • Read the newspaper headline in your inventory
  • Talk to Intercom in the Alley. It will give you the prompt, containing a number. Use the answer that contains the word that corresponds with its order in the newspaper headline Bo gave you. E.g ” 2 ” – use the second word in the headline
  • Enter The Bite

Through the roof:

  • Talk to Larry, ask about a rooftop
  • Talk to Bo, get a quest to get rid of Sid
  • Talk to Sid, be nasty or nice to him
  • Talk to Bo, he’ll allow you to climb the stand
  • Climb the rooftops, enter The Bite

In The Bite:

  • If you went through the backdoor
  • Press CTRL to crouch. Sneak through the bar to the second floor hall

If you went through the rooftop:

  • Go to the second floor hall.

Second floor:

  • Pressing CTRL, hide behind an armchair until the Rat heads to the right
  • Move left, hide behind a sofa
  • Move left, get into the room

Private room:

  • Use painting


  • Pick up scissors in the Furnace


  • Use the intercom to call the Kitchen to distract the third cook
  • Quickly, crouch and crawl through the vent on the right


  • Use the first mixer to distract the first cook
  • Use the wires to distract the second cook

Locker room:

  • Inspect locker. Solve the puzzle (solution below) to get the code
  • Enter the code in the keycode

Creepy corridor:

  • Move far to the left
  • Turn on the lights
  • Hide in the tall trash bin
  • Get keys from the left side of the room
  • Go back to the start of the corridor

Locker room:

  • Use the Freight lift
  • Escape

Locker Puzzle

Hint: When you enter the close-up view on the locker, you can see various papers. Move them around. Some papers are unlike the others, and there is a hint scribbles on the locker door.

Solution: Find papers with holes, overlay them on the papers of the same size. You will see the shapes and numbers through the holes. Each paper will have 1 number and shapes (either circle, diamond, square, or triangle). Place these numbers in the order correlating with the yellow scribbled shapes on the locker door.

Just give me the dam code: Okay! It’s 0451. It’s a Fahrenheit 451 reference. Also, the most often used keycode in stealth genre video games. We couldn’t miss the opportunity, sorry!

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