Borderlands 2 – Characters Tips (Pros and Cons)

Borderlands 2

The Characters

Salvador – The Gunzerker

The easiest and most powerful character by far can do anything with little set up and never goes down with the right set up. He dual wields two weapons in your weapon slots and can stay in action skill as long as he kills things.


  • Rarely goes down with correct set up.
  • Easiest character to set up.
  • Kills things faster than most other characters.
  • Has a variety of viable and decent build variations.


  • Boring after a while.

Maya – The Siren

A character that can be a team supporter and solo all content with a decent set up. She locks enemies in place slags them and makes herself more powerful while phaselock is up killing the enemy also heals her and nearby teammates.


  • Fun to play.
  • Has more viable build variety than most of the others the others.
  • Can one shot a certain boss just by getting hit, no others will be one shot that I know of.
  • Can move very fast and dish out massive damage at the same time.


  • Harder to set up than others.

Axton – The Commando

A character that specializes in splash damage, he is not as powerful as some of the other characters such as the gunzerker or siren but can easily do all content with the correct set up.


  • Fun to play.
  • Has a turret that slags enemies.
  • Can do alot of damage with splash damage.


  • Harder to setup.
  • Requires more experience to do well than the siren or gunzerker.

Zero – The Assassin

Specializes in either long range gun combat or short range melee combat. The assassin can chain together multiple melee kills to stay in their action skill or can be sniping from afar, very viable in all situations.


  • Can change up styles of combat when ever you want to go from melee to guns.
  • Fun to play in any style of combat.
  • Can solo most bosses with pure melee and is satisfying to kill them with it.
  • Can one shot multiple bosses with Bore.


  • Hard in melee combat without decent understanding of game mechanics.
  • Harder to set up.

Gaige – The Mechromancer (DLC)

A character specializing in electric elemental damage and not preforming an active reload (reloading with bullets in the mag). The easiest character to play by far in normal mode but falls off towards late game.


  • Easy in normal Mode.
  • Unique character that stacks damage and loses accuracy.
  • Fun action skill


  • Annoying when on fire, corroding, etc
  • Loses a lot of accuracy to gain damage.
  • Action skill becomes a escape tool late game.
  • Hardest character to make viable end game.

Krieg – The Psycho (DLC)

A melee and explosion based character that can be amazing with the correct gear and skills, The toughest character to play effectively requires more experienced players to do well with him.


  • Best voice lines for a playable character.
  • Easy to gear up.
  • Can clear groups of mobs with little effort
  • Action skill is fun to use.
  • Fun character all around
  • Has the most build diversity of all characters.


  • Hard to play effectively.
  • Heavier than other characters.
  • Hardest class in normal mode.
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