GRIP: Combat Racing – Final Boss Walkthrough

GRIP: Combat Racing - Final Boss Walkthrough
GRIP: Combat Racing - Final Boss Walkthrough

How to beat the final boss in GRIP campaign!

How to Beat Blade

The first race is an ultimate race so if you stay behind him – even well behind him you should be able to outscore him. Let him speed ahead until you can charge an assasin. Fire the assasin and it should go and hit him and put you in the lead in points. If you get a disruptor you can use this and catch up to him then just stay near him and hit him with any weapon as often as possible – there is no need to overtake him or even try to come in first place – if you dont overtake him he cant hit you to make enough points for him to actually win by coming 1st over the line – If you do try to overtake him he will hit you and score points. All you have to do is outscore him.

GRIP: Combat Racing - Final Boss Walkthrough

The second race is on FIC and can be tricky but the track is designed to give you advantages. At the start take the tunnel route – This has 2 powerups that are always scorpion assasin. Try to collect both as you go through the tunnel and you will come out behind him so you can really mess him up and then just zoom off – i did this to him on both laps – also if you use the RamRaider weapon its the yellow swirly power just before the tunnel section he will crash into side of the tunnel and for some reason he takes longer to reset here and this will let you zoom off once again.

In the third race which takes place on Yuri industrial you just have to start dirty – if you watch closely you will see me push up against his car so that he will crash into the side of the tunnel – this will leave you to zoom off and get a massive lead and as long as you dont crash he will really struggle to catch you within the time constraints of an elimination race.

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