Dreamfall: The Longest Journey – Fighting for Noobs

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - Fighting for Noobs
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - Fighting for Noobs

Problem fighting? Do you feel like a noob? Is the combat broken? No worries, you are not alone and if I can do it so can you.

General Strategy Tips

These are important even if you don’t read the rest of the guide.

  • Avoid the fight. You are here because you need help. Why fight if you can go away? Some times fighting needs more time than sneaking etc 
  • Know that some fights are unwinnable. I’ll post a video using a trainer to beat those but then you can’t move on with the game. You are not supposed to beat them. 
  • The Rock Paper Scissor strategy will get you nowhere. You can block light attacks. You can break blocking with heavy attacks. You can interrupt heavy attacks with light ones….Noooope. Evade and hit. 
  • While blocking use the movement buttons to evade 
  • Always start a fight by moving away from the enemy. Sometimes they attack immediately before you have a chance to block 
  • Always block. There is no reason for you to not do that if you are past the opening of the fight. 
  • While blocking evade right and left. In most fights the enemy shall miss.

All the Fights

Fight 1 – Gym Instructor – Main story

For me this was actually the hardest fight. If you can beat her, you can beat every fight. She reacts to your moves too well, so just block, evade as hell and when she attacks and misses, land some light attacks. Repeat till you beat her. Won’t take long and it’s great practise since you won’t go to the loading screen if she beats you.

Fight 2 – Receptionist – Jiva – Optional

She mainly uses a heavy punch. Just evade her and attack. She is fairly easy. Imagine her as the easy version of the gym fight.

Fight 3 – 2 Azadi soldiers – Northlands – Main story

Keep some distance but not too much. They can use a wide circular attack that it’s better to evade backwards. You can either evade backwards and heavy attack them or evade right or left and use light attacks. This is an easy fight too since you are armed and it’s the one many people say “at last I have a weapon”. Don’t be intimidated by the numbers. In the video I beat the first soldier with no damage.

Fight 4 – Vinnie – Victory Hotel – Optional

He mainly blocks and heavy attacks with a punch. Wait for him to attack, move out of the way and attack. Don’t dash back as his punch has some range. Only use left and right evade.

Fight 5 – Drugged man (and Vinnie) – Victory Hotel – Optional

To beat the drunk man just hit. Hit and hit and then hit. Blocking is not really needed. He has slow attacks and he is not that aggressive. Problem is if you take too long he calls for help

Vinnie will come to the second floor if somebody sees you or you take your time after beating him. Use the same strategy as in Fight 4

Fight 6 – Trolls – Subterranean City – Optional

Don’t get why you would want to fight them but anyway, you are unarmed, they are trolls. It’s actually a hard fight…or two since the trolls are in different sections.
Your main focus is to avoid taking damage. Doesn’t matter if they take some time to hit. Their sticks hurt. Evade and hit evade and hit. Pow pow pow.

For those who don’t think these are optional, you can sneak past the first troll by moving behind a big rock and you can find a pebble in this area to distract the second troll by throwing it in the water. You need the far view examine thingie to do that. Then sneak past it. It won’t follow you up the path.

Fight 7 – Azadi trials – Sadir – Main story but winning is Optional (Please do beat them. Kian is awesome)

They are supposed to be from easiest to hardest fights. Use general tactics. I couldn’t see any special vulnerability or strength in them. But for me the last fight was the easiest. Whatever. You can use the strategy for Fight 3. You have a sword. Pointy side towards the enemy.

Fight 8 – Azadi Guard – Marcuria / Tower – Optional.

The guard is of medium difficulty but you must be aggressive even if you risk damage. Try to evade and attack as much as possible or use heavy attacks. If you take too long he calls 2 more guards. No problem right? Well, that’s like one hit kill. You can’t take them.

Fight 9 – Big troll(s) – Underground and subterranean city – Unbeatable/ Just avoid combat

The big trolls are not meant to be fought. BUT just for the hell of it I hacked my way to beating both of them 😉 and it halts your progress. They freeze in a dying state and you can examine them but you can’t trigger the cutscenes and you can’t move to the next area. Still, worth it.

Fight 10 – Rebels – Marcuria / Harbor – Main story.

Easier than the trials. Use the general strategy tips. Kian fights are easy. If you consider them hard, comment about it so I can try to help more… but come on… Evade and attack…

Fight 10 – Jailer – Marcuria / Friars keep – Optional/Unbeatable but possible(?)

Okay… Just… Don’t. I read somewhere that he can be beaten but…
Just use the smoke bomb via focus mode or by sneaking from the right side. You can see me trying to beat him in the vid and failing or beating him using hacks. The later method locks him so I can’t get the keys… so maybe he isn’t meant to be fought…

Fight 11 – Rebels – Marcuria / Journeyman inn – Main story

General strategy tips… two rebels. Just beat them. Evade and attack. Hence and repeat. I have trust in you. Evade and heavy strike for a fast win.

And that’s all. Any other fight doesn’t make you go into combat stance with the exception of the dog. Zoe apparently is too dense to hit lower….

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