Wild Animal Sports Day – How to Crown Your Champion

Wild Animal Sports Day - How to Crown Your Champion
Wild Animal Sports Day - How to Crown Your Champion

This guide will help you dethrone the dastardly King Croc and begin you champion’s dynasty.


The spectacular sequal to Wild Animal Racing is out and everyone is rushing to defeat discount Donkey Kong villian and crown their favorite character King of the Wild. However soon you will realize that it won’t be as easy as you thought. This guide will help you dethrone the dastardly King Croc and begin you champion’s dynasty.

Game Basics

When you play the game in its main mode, challenge, you will play through the 8 mini-games in a random order. After completing each game you will recieve a score out of 100. At the end all of your scores will be added up. Thankfully you do not need a perfect 800% to win, you will only need 600% to defeat king croc, an adverage of 75% for each game. The game can also be played in training mode where you can play any game you want. This is for practice only but I would definately recomend playing it to get better at the games you are worst at. Now I will go over the individual games in order of easiest to hardest (In my opinion).

Pole Vault

In pole vaulting you must jump over a bar 3 times. Each succesful jump is worth 33% (A third succesful jump is technically worth 34%), you dont get bonus points for extra height or anything like that. If you start holding down right when the bar appears on your screen you should make it everytime. Once you get the hang of it it should be a free 100% every time.


Gymnastics is a pretty simple game as well. All you must do is run around to the circles on the map while King Croc chases you. If you don’t get to a circle you will get an X (Three x’s and the game ends) and if King Croc touchs you you lose. However King Croc is very slow and you can get closer to him then you may think without getting caught. The circles have pretty small hitbox’s and most of the times you miss one will be because your character just missed it barely. Once you get good at it you should get over 90% every time.


In hurdles you run down a track while jumping over hurdles. There are obstacles in the way but very easy to dodge and don’t pose as much threat. Exactly how hurdles is scored is unknown to me (One time for fun I used an alligator as a battering ram and knocked over as many hurdles as possible and got a 68%) but your best bet is to just jump over the smallest hurdle. A tip is after jumping over a hurdle run towards the screen. Since the camera follows you that is the only way that you can see all of the hurdles at once.


Trampolining is mostly a game about reflexes. When the sign shows red spin with W and S, when the sign shows green spin with A and D, and when the sign shows green spin with Q and E. Doing the trick only once awards 10 points and doing it twice in midair gives 15 points. (Points don’t equivilate to % but you need around 500 points for 100%) If you land on your head you dont lose points but you wont bounce as high and will need to orient yourself to not be on your head (Which wastes time which indirectly loses points) If you’re reflexs are ok and you dont hit your head to much it should be a pretty easy game.


Skiing is another game where I know very little about the scoring and the game has a lot of different parts and can be confusing. The most important part is that you go through the red flags which is where most of the scoring is based off of. However the race is also timed which also is a part of what percent you get. I’m pretty sure that those are the only two scoring factors. The gems and the ramps are important because they always appear in front of the flags. Since you don’t turn very quickly it is important to use them to know where the flags are. The trees slow you down a bit so avoid them. There are also 2 snowballs at the start, King Croc hiding behind a giant snowman, and a yeti/polar bear that walks in front of your way. I think these slow you down and do nothing more then that however this game I know the least about and probably got a lot of that wrong.


Most of the games in WASD are very fast-paced and intense. Darts is the exception. If you don’t know much about darts then the scoring is probably confusing. Each of the white and black slices has a number 1-20. Hitting it will give you that many points. However the red and green bands serves as multipliers. The outer ring gives 2x the points and the inner ring gives 3x the points. The most scoring points area is the 20×3 area which gives 60 points and where you always want to aim. The first round the board doesn’t move so you should be able to hit it 3 times. The next round the board moves and what I do is place the cursor on the inner ring and wait for the 20 to come around. The third round the board moves the fastest. Use the same strategy as the 2nd round but remember to throw the dart on the ring right before the 20 because the board moves so fast. The key to his game is to be patient because its not timed and there’s no need to take a risk.


Diving is a tricky game and can feel random at times. When you jump off the board you want to turn so you are facing straight down. It is very percise and its hard to tell when turning because your’re summersalting. Board height doesn’t give extra points but I recomend the high dive because it gives you the most time to turn your character just right. The game forces you to use the shortest for the first round and jump right away or else sharks.


Last and most definately least, tennis. King Crocs AI is very good for this game and it feel hard to control your ball. The ball movers the opposite the direction you hit it from but it still is difficult to control. The way I found to do this is to only move horizontaly. Its pretty hard to miss the ball this way and eventually King Croc will mess up. There is also a cheese where you mash space at the start you get a free point because King Croc can’t move fast enough. This only works on the first point.

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