A Hat in Time – Pon Farming

A Hat in Time - Pon Farming
A Hat in Time - Pon Farming

How to make a profit / get rich in A Hat in Time.

How I Came Accross This

So as I was playing new file in A Hat in Time, I noticed how much I suck at the game. More spasificaly, the bosses. I was playing Barrel Battle, and I also noticed how with enough patience, you can farm pons!

Farm Now

Make sure you are not finnished with the boss that you have selected

I’m not sure this trick works if you’ve already defeted the selected boss. If you have finnished them already, go ahead and use Barrel Battle in a new file.

Start up the fight

Go ahead and run head first into the fight! Go and don’t be afraid! Try and collect that Time Piece! You can do it!!!

Start, Kill, Die, Repeat

When you start the boss, complete the first stage. Every stage down, you will be awarded ~3 Pons. You may go far as the final wave, and that is when you try to die. If you do this over and over again, you have masted the Boss Pon Farming techniqe!

In Conclusion…

The first time I found out this trick, I grinded for hours, and from the second level in the entire game, ~2,000 Pons were collected. I know, I know. There are way more efficient ways of farming Pons. But hey, cut me a pair a jenes. I just wanted to create a walkthrough. Leave me alone, will ya’?

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