Donut County – Achievement Guide

Donut County - Achievement Guide
Donut County - Achievement Guide

Guide with all the information and help you need to get all the achievements.

Story-related Achievements (Unmissable)

The Flume Is Doomed

Destroy Raccoon Lagoon. Unlocked in the Raccoon Lagoon level.


Bring everyone back from underground. Unlocked after completing the Catapult level.

Pup’s Odyssey

Release the hot air balloon. Unlocked in the Potter’s Rock level.


Complete the Trashopedia. Unlocked after completing the Catapult level.


Hack into the mainframe. Unlocked in the Raccoon HQ level.

Donut County

Destroy the donut shop. Unlocked after completing the Donut Shop level.

Boss Fight

Win the boss fight. Unlocked after completing the Boss Fight level.

Missable Achievements

Secret Soup

Make Chef’s secret soup recipe. Unlocked in the Cat Soup level.

After completing the Cat Soup level, in the Trashopedia, you’ll find a Recipe Book bookmarked. “Secret Soup Recipe: 2 shakes salt, 3 shakes pepper.” Follow the recipe and give the soup to the bird. Achievement is unlocked once the bird ate the soup.

Quack Enthusiast

Quack 100 times. Unlocked in the Mira’s house level.

During the SMS phases, send the Quack emoji 100 times. It is possible to complete this achievement from the very beginning of the game when Mira talks to BK.


Set Pepper’s trailer on fire. Unlocked in the Riverbed level.

In the Joshua Tree level, use fireworks flames on Pepper’s house.


Fly through the donut hole. Unlocked in the Aftermath level.

Music Lover

Finish Gecko Park without collecting the radio. Unlocked in the Gecko Park level.

You must finish the level by taking the radio last. Once this is the only remaining element of the level, wait a bit and the achievement should be unlocked.


Stock up on gamer fuel. Unlocked in the Chicken Barn level.

In the Chicken Barn level, Mira will ask you to buy a catapul for the hole, when you enter the shopping menu be sure to buy energy drinks before buying the catapult. Achievement is unlocked right after you bought the energy drinks.

Game Over

Lose the boss fight. Unlocked in the Boss Fight level.

As shown in the description of the achievement, you’ll have to let the boss defeat you.


Complete the boss fight without taking damage. Unlocked in the Boss Fight level.

You’ll need to complete the fight against the final boss without suffering any damage. No real tips here, the achievement is unlocked after the end of the second phase (when the quadcopter is hacked and later destroyed.)


Find Trash King’s secret getaway vehicle. Unlocked in the Aftermath level.

Egg Breaker

Break 3 dozen eggs. Unlocked in the Chiken Barn level.

In the Chiken Barn level, when you activate the mechanism that throws several eggs in the air, let the eggs crash to the ground. Wait a moment, the achievement is unlocked once the 36 eggs are broken.


Destroy Trash King’s monitor. Unlocked in the Anthropology Lab level.

In the Anthropology Lab, throw a firework below the giant screen to the left of the room. Achievement is unlocked as soon as the big screen is destroyed.


Destroy Trash King’s monument. Unlocked in the Boss Fight level.

After the boss defeated a storm will be created in the hole. Make sure to turn around the Trash King’s statue to the right of the level. Seconds later, the statue will be destroyed. The achievement is unlocked as soon as the monument is gone.


Break into the vault at Raccoon HQ. Unlocked in the Biology Lab.

Probably the most difficult achievement of the game. A video explanation will be much more useful here.

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