SIMULACRA – Guide to the Endings

SIMULACRA - Guide to the Endings
SIMULACRA - Guide to the Endings

I hope this guide will help you get all the endings in the amazing game called SIMULACRA!

This is Too Much

This ending is a little hard to get, as a single mistake can ruin everything. When Taylor tells you to create a fake Spark account to lure James (AKA The Simulacra), you have to refuse to do it. He will insist and if you continue to refuse to create the fake Spark account, Taylor will call you. He will tell you something like: “Please, we have almost done…”. At this point you have to say to him through the chat something like “I’m done” and you will get the ending (and the achievement). Doing this ending will make you lose all Taylor’s loyalty.

Abandon All Hope

This is the easiest ending to get; the most important thing is not obtain Taylor’s loyalty. At the end, no matter what you say to Taylor, he will not listen to you. So, you won’t save neither Anna nor Taylor and The Simulacra will tell you that the lack of Taylor’s loyalty brought you to that ending.

Save Anna/Taylor

You can obtain these endings without playing the game from the beginning, to get one or the other. You have to to play the game once and get one of these endings, then go back to the main menu and press ‘Continue’; you will start right before the final conversation with The Simulacra, so that you can get the other ending. To get these endings you have to simply obtain Taylor’s loyalty by supporting him every time. At the end, during the chat with Taylor you have to say to him “DON’T GO YET…”. He will listen to you, and The Simulacra will be impressed by your great manipulation. Then he will give you two choices: Save Anna by letting Taylor go to her or Save Taylor by letting Taylor kill Anna. To get the ending you want to obtain, you have to tell Taylor to go to Anna or to kill her. Then, after another conversation with The Simulacra, your game will end.

Save both Anna and Taylor

This ending is hard to get, as you need to obtain Taylor’s loyalty, tell Ashley that you love her and create the fake Spark account with Ashley’s name and image. During the final conversation with Ashley you have to tell her that you love her (pretending to be Anna). So she will send you a selfie of herself; then you need to create the fake Spark account with Ashley’s name and the image she sent to you. Then you have to act like I said before in the “Save Anna or Taylor’s ending” until The Simulacra will give you the choice. Then you have to tell him “Can I save them both?”; you have to insist until he gives you another two choices. Save both Anna and Taylor by letting Taylor go to Anna or Save ONLY Taylor by allowing him to kill Anna. Tell Taylor to go to Anna and you will get this ending (and the related achievement).

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  1. It’s really simple about Ashley, you don’t ever let her realize you’re not Anna. And you encourage her to reveal her feelings, say you love her too.
    When you create a spark account with Ashley’s face, don’t misspell her name, anything else doesn’t matter.

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