The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker – Walkthrough

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - Walkthrough
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - Walkthrough

Achieve green in the best conversational order!


In this guide I have typed up all the questions in the best order I can find so that the conversation flows smoothly and naturally.

Act 1 – 1st Interview – Bryce

Hello, who are you?
Yes/no I did/did not know Dr Dekker.
What did you think about Dr Dekker?
Why didn’t you like Dr Dekker?
Why do you think he was suicidal?
What do you know about the murder?
What would he push you to do?
What do you mean ugliness?

Why are you here?
What is your work?
Tell me about the depression.
Whats wrong with you now?
What do you mean by 25 hours?
Time freezes?
How do you know they are pliable?
Why do you move people?
What so you mean by ‘you do as you please?’
Tell me about the midnight hour?
Yes/no you are/are not insane.
What did you mean by competent gravediggers?
So are you pro burial or cremation?
Are you lonely?

I like your camera.
A Motte and Bailey?
Have you ever found a relic?
You like chess then?
So you like to plan ahead?
Yes/no I like/do not like control.
Unravelled how?
Tell me about Henly Church.
Do you have a religion?
Yes/no there are/are not too many religions.
Why don’t you believe in god anymore?
A curse?

Act 1 – 1st Interview – Claire

Hello, who are you?
A small fortune?
What are the perks of being rich?
What madness it that?
Do you think you are insane?

Tell me about Dr Dekker.
Why do you think he was suicidal?
How well did you know Dekker?
How many sessions have you had with Dekker?
What do you think about Dekkers murder?

What predicament are you in?
Tell me about the delusions.
What are you obsessive about?
How long have you been married?
You dont like kids?
And David is?
Absurd how?
Why should your husband not be here?
How did he almost die?
How is he not a well man?
Why can’t you cope?
Why can’t you hire someone to care for him?
Tell me about the Lakehouse?
Tell me about your parents?
How did your parents die?
What kind of problems did you and your husband have?
You wanted a divorce?
What could you have avoided?
What altercation is that?
What was the downfall?

Tell me about the violence?
Provoked you how?
Tell me about Iris?
Did you kill David?
What is wrong with davids health?
Does David still work?
How does David fritter his time away?
You mentioned the police?
Why do the police think you are dangerous?
Why aren’t you in jail?
Yes I can save you with therapy.
In what why do you need my help?
Believe you about what?
Are you seeing things?
Are you often quick to anger?
Tell me about losing control.

Act 1 – 1st Interview – Elin

Hello, who are you?
Elin is an uncommon name.
What is ‘New age’?
Are you single?
Your married to your work?
Do you have kids?
Do you like animals?
Im a dog person/Im a cat person.

Why are you here?
Stressful how?
What did you think about Dr Dekker?
What was different about Dr Dekker?
Wasn’t it Dr Dekkers job to be interested in your problems?
Does no one else listen to you?
How long had you been seeing Dr Dekker?
What did you think about his murder?

So your a nurse?
What is end of life care exactly?
How do you comfort them?
Are you afraid of death?
Maybe we go to heaven?
Maybe we go to hell?
Maybe we go to Valhalla?
It is from norse mythology.
Maybe we go to pergatory?
Maybe we are reincarnated?
Maybe we we become one with the universe?
Maybe there is an afterlife?
Maybe we go nowhere?

What did you mean ‘out of it on meds’?
Yes/no i would/wouldn’t like to be asleep.
So your interested in herbal remedies?
Tell me about being a qualified herbalist.
Are you lying about being stressed?
How are the other nurses mean to you?
How many have died on your shift?
What causes the patient deaths?
Tell me about Hilda.

Act 1 – 1st Interview – Marianna

Hello, who are you?
Yes I am feeling ok.
Did you like Dr Dekker?
What do you know about the murder?
He was a good listener?
How long had you been seeing Dr Dekker?
No cake, sorry. / Yes there is cake.

Why are you here?
What can you tell me about the public nudity?
What charges are you worried about?
Where are your clothes?
What do you remember?
Ever been injured?
Why do you think you were sleeping?
Is you hair wet?
Do you like swimming?
Do you swim in the sea?

What do the police think?
How does all this make you feel?
What is your connection to the beach?
Do you make decent money?
Why do you think you blackout?
What did Dr Dekker work out?
Do you think its anxiety?
Why would you hold your breath?
Yes/no you are/arent breathing badly.
Yes please lie down/No dont lie down.
What are you doing before you blackout then?
Yes/No I do/dont like dancing.
Where do you dance?
Do you dance alone?
Why not dance with friends?
You move around alot?
Tell me about The Pearl.
Do you have vodka shots?
Maybe your dancing causes you to blackout?

What do you want your prognosis to be?
Maybe you can record youself dancing?
Maybe you should stop going to the beach?
Yes/no I have/have not been addicted.
Maybe someone could watch you blackout?
Yes/no I will / will not watch you.
Have you been flirting with me?
Maybe you should stop dancing?
Maybe you should lose weight/stop smoking/excercise more?
Have you been flirting with me?

Act 1 – 1st Interview – Nathan

Hello, who are you?
Why do you say you are in hell?
Why are you here?
Yes/no you are/are not in pergatory.
You dont like your work?
Time resets?
Why aren’t you a builder anymore?
So you are repeating days?
Yes/no I can/cannot help you.
How is your life like the movie?
What sleeping tablets.

Are you depressed?
Nothing ever changes?
Like Dr Dekkers murder?
What did you think about Dr Dekker?
Why would he not remember it?
How was Dr Dekker complex?
What kind of conflict?
What else moves you forward?
Can you control it?

What did you mean by a tragic event?
Tell me about Hannah.
Tell me about about the lorry.
Cant you fix that day and save hannah?
Do you blame yourself?

Act 1 – 1st Interview – Jaya

What did Ben say?
What line of work is ben in?
And ben found the body?
Valentines day?
What was Dekker doing in his office?
What did the police say?
Who are the suspects?
Yes/No you are/are not a suspect.

How well did you know Dr Dekker?
Did Dekker have any enemies?
What names?
How was Dekker killed?
Why would someone kill Dekker?
You think a patient killed him because of thier treatment?
Any clues?
What happend to the chair?

Act 1 – 2nd Interview – Nathan – Loop Days

A loop day?
At school.
yes/no that would/would not be funny.

A loop day?
At school.
What pill?
Yes/no take/dont take the pill.

A loop day?
At school.
Do you still have the pill?
Yes/no I am/am not reliving your days.
What is sim therory?

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