The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Hunting Tips

The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Hunting Tips
The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Hunting Tips

Some basic tips for starting out in the Hunter: Call of the Wild. Some may be more helpful than others.

Tips for Hunting

I would give a few quick tips that I use a lot when I play.

  • Don’t run unless you are travelling between locations. (ATV is also great for this). Running will spook any animals that are close by. 
  • Running/walking on the roads is quieter than running/walking in the vegetation. 
  • Wearing a backpack increases your visibility and noise levels significantly. 
  • Don’t use callers too often. It spooks the animals. I tend to call at 30 – 45 second intervals. This one really bugs me when I play in multiplayer. 
  • ATV’s are useful but they do scare animals. I used to use them all the time. But i wont be seen dead using one now. 
  • Having your flaslight on at night does not spook the animals or increase your visibility level. I sometimes find it easier to spot an animal I’m tracking without it. 
  • Keep you weapon loaded. There is nothing worse than having an animal nearby and you can’t shoot it. And it can be handy if there’s a bear nearby. 
  • Hunting pressure. When you down an animal a purple spot appears on your map at the place you shot it. It roughly takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to appear. No shot = no kill. The pinker/purpler the spot the more chances of animals avoiding the area. Best to move around.
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