Reventure – How to Obtain Achievement #101

Reventure - How to Obtain Achievement #101
Reventure - How to Obtain Achievement #101

The guide on how to get Achievement #101, achieved by finding many secrets post 100%.

Achievement #101 Guide


This is a guide on how to achieve 150% on a save file in Reventure. There are HEAVY spoilers ahead, so please don’t read the guide unless you have finished the game or wish to see what is ahead.

Dark Tower and Desert

After getting ending 100 (Super Tim), first acquire the Hookclaw and the Hero Sword, then venture to the Dark Fortress. Below the staircase left of the Dark Abyss, There will be an opened door, venture through this. There will be a pillar you have to jump over, similar to the Secret Passage under the Farmlands.

Venture over this pit, on the right side there will be some leaves. Break these inwards, then go through the brush. There will be some parkour with ghost walls, but they’re only single indented. By now, you should have used your Hookclaw and gotten to the right summit. Press the button, and continue up.

Use your Hookclaw to venture above the large door. There should be three minions on the left and right. Use your sword to kill them and stack their bodies to you can jump up to the next section. (Note, later once you get the Prototype, there will be a platform sticking out on the right. Use the minions to jump up here, then go onto the outer platform. This will bring you to the top of the tower.)

This second section is straightforward, jump onto the platforms, but be careful as to not be hit by the minions. On the top-most platform, there is a secret area where you can hookshot up on either side, near the end farthest from the exit upward. This is optional.

The third section is the most risky. You have to push the minion corpse onto the three falling platforms on the right. Then use this new platform to jump onto the other platforms. You have one chance at this. The next area has trees as shown below. Break them so they are in a similar order to this.

Don’t break any other trees. With this pattern, you will ascend from the right.

Finally, you’ve reached the summit. From here. take the Chicken and fly right to the Desert. After some flying, you’ll reach the Desert Cliff, jump Down, swim past the water, press as many buttons as you’d like, and jump above the door into the Hidden Passage. From here, simply progress through the cliff, and jump up, and you’ll receive the Prototype.


Protoventure is accessible from the initial Screen of your save. There are eight endings. The Hidden Object Guru made a wonderful video on this, I reccomend you watch this if you’re having trouble with the endings.

Hint, a ‘theme’ in this game is “less is more”.

Final Percentages

After achieving unlocking and achieving all eight Endings of Protoventure (9%) and the Dark Tower (3%) There are several other steps to 125%.

Hint Room

  • Bring the Chicken to the Great waterfall, hug the left wall as you descend. You’ll find the translators and some hints in the large stone area. You can also access this area with the Shovel, by digging down in the Final Resting place.

Chicken Brothers

  • Take the Dark Tower Chicken left, towards the Chicken on the Mountain. This is simplified with the Elevator mentioned in Dark Tower and Desert.

Chicken DNA Swap

  • Bring the Chicken to the Barn…

Mimic Explosion

  • Use Mr. Hugs near the entrance of the Fake Princess’ Cell. The mimic will explode (this one counts for 2%).

Developer Studio

  • Find the Pixelatto Studio right of the Final Resting Place

Developer Hug

  • Hug all the Developers in Pixelatto Studio right of the Final Resting Place.


  • Destroy all the grass. Seriously.

Cat Murder

  • Murder all the cats… you monster.

Shopkeeper Secret

  • Bring the Princess to the door under the Shop. Activate the elevator. Move under it.

Under the Princess

  • Bring the Chicken and the Sword. Rescue the Princess, then use the Chicken to fly to the Vent on the right above the Anvil Pit. This is above the Right Crown Door.

True Art

  • Go right of the Princess to the Piano, then stand on the painting for about a minute. I’m sure you’ll notice you’ll start zooming in.

Pirate Door

  • Go out to the ocean and swim left, Go left instead of right in the keep of the Pirate Ship Door.

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