Dungeons 3 – Campaign Guide (Missions 1-6)

Dungeons 3 - Complete Campaign Guide
Dungeons 3 - Complete Campaign Guide

Guide to Complete Campaign

Tutorial 1: Dungeon Basics

The Newcomer Evil should learn the basics of Dungeon management…

All that glitters is gold

  1. Dig space for a Room.
  2. Research the Treasury.
  3. Build a Treasury.


  • Slaps administered: 0 of 5.
    Move the Hand of Terror over a creature and use RMB to give it a slap!

Work, work!

  • Research “Increase Little Snot Limit”.

Army recruiting for Dummies

  1. Dig space for a Room.
    You can decide for yourself how you want to connect the Room to your Dungeon. Make sure that you have marked a path to be dug to the Tiles to be excavated, as otherwise your Little Snots won’t be able to dig that Room!
  2. Research the Hideout.
  3. Build a Hideout.
  4. Hire creatures: 0 of 3.

Supply the army

  1. Dig space for a Room.
  2. Research the Gobbler Farm.
  3. Build a Gobbler Farm.

Easter egg: An uncovered Room proved to contain one of the Realmforge programmers, who probably got caught in his own spaghetti code! He doesn’t look all that happy, though…

Tutorial 2: Evil Evilness!

The Fast-Learning Evil quickly set about sending its creatures into the Overworld…

A breath of fresh air

  1. Pick up creatures with the Hand of Terror: 0 of 5.
  2. Throw the creatures at the Dungeon exit.
    Press RMB to throw a single creature. Keep RMB pressed to instantly throw everything out of the Hand of Terror!

Let them have it!

  1. Select your creatures.
  2. Conquer the Good location.

Evilness for the Evil

  1. Research something that requires Evilness.

Easter egg: Your Little Snots had dug up some Realmforge employees. They had been hiding there from the Goldmaster deadline. They look rather upset!

Tutorial 3: Dungeons for Advanced Students

The Skilled Evil quickly learned the skills needed to run a Dungeon very efficiently…

Work, work

  1. Build a Create-O-Mat in the Workshop.

The artisanal Evil

  1. Produce 4 Toolboxes: 0 / 4

Cool barley sandwich

  1. Build a Brewing Kettle.

Research Scrolls

  1. Research 3 Scrolls: 0 / 3

Easter egg: Your Little Snots had dug up some Realmforge employees. They had been hiding there from the Goldmaster deadline. They look rather upset!

Tutorial 4: The Final Exam

The Chock-Full-Of-Knowledge Evil now faced the challenge of preparing its Dungeon for real dangers…

Bonus objective (The magically gifted Evil)

  1. Cast a Spell.

Trap Parkour

  1. Use a Manual Trap.
    You can trigger Manual Traps with a slap!


  1. Hero waves: 0 / 5

Mission 1: The Shadow of Absolute Evil

The Shadow of Absolute Evil had crossed the sea and now sought the chosen target: a Dark Elf named Thalya …

Bronze: The Shadow strikes

  • Successfully complete the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.

Silver: Death and destruction!

  • Destroy 9 Heroes with Thalya’s “Fire Bomb” in the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.

Gold: Shadow hunter

  • Don’t let the Shadow take any damage from light in the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.

A host

You can use the Shadow to take over Heroes not standing in the light. Once you’ve selected the Shadow, select the Hero with RMB to control him.

Caution: The control period is very brief!

  1. Reach Twistram.
  2. Find Thalya.
  3. Possess Thalya!
  4. Eliminate Twistram’s population: 0 /17.

Mission 2: Twistram in Ruins

Thalya, the Dark Elf, had turned to evil and laid the “Fatiguing Library” in ruins. Now she began to build a small power base in its vaults. Her first dungeon…

New Rooms and Creatures: Treasury, Gobbler Farm, Hideout, Orc, Goblin, Naga

Bronze: Twistram is devastated

  • Complete the mission “Twistram in Ruins”.

Silver: The Evilest Evil

  • Collect a total of 1000 Evilness in the mission “Twistram in Ruins”.

Gold: No one has to die today!

  • Complete the mission “Twistram in Ruins” without losing more than 3 creatures.

The Evil Awakens

  1. Destroy Twistram’s remaining guard buildings: 0 / 3.
  2. Conquer the Good locations: 0 / 3.

Mission 3: The Gehenna Stones

After leaving the vestiges of Twistram, Thalya set out for the Gehenna Stones. They served as seals to keep the Demons banished in Hell, where Tanos himself had exiled them. Her so-called “foster father’s” act would soon be undone!

New Rooms and Creatures: Vortex, Workshop, Tinkerer’s Cave, Guard Room, Imp

Bronze: The Gehenna Stones

  • Complete the mission “The Gehenna Stones”.

Silver: The Stones’ Power

  • Kill at least 15 Heroes using the Stones’ magic in the mission “The Gehenna Stones”.

Gold: The White Knight

  • Don’t let Thalya’s Life Energy fall below 75% during the mission “The Gehenna Stones”.

Conquer the Gehenna Stones

  1. Conquer the Gehenna Stones with Thalya: 0 / 3.
  2. Protect Thalya: 2:00.
  3. Conquer the last Gehenna Stone.

Bonus objective

  1. Conquer the Good locations: 0 / 3.
  2. Build a Vortex.
  3. Build a Tinkerer’s Cave.

Mission 4: The Ashspring Swamplands

While Grimli Hammerhand’s henchmen were looking for Thalya and the Absolute Evil’s army, they in turn were slowly marching through the gloom of the Ashspring Swamplands towards the dwarven town of Steelsmith.

This… idyllic area provided the unique opportunity to secure additional allies: Undead…

New Rooms and Creatures: Arcanium

Bronze: The Swamplanders from the swamplands

  • Complete the mission “The Ashspring Swamplands”.

Silver: Braiiiiins!

  • Awaken at least 98 Undead in the mission “The Ashspring Swamplands”.

Gold: Night of the Living Dead (on Speed)

  • Conquer all Graveyards in less than 25 minutes in the mission “The Ashspring Swamplands”.

Conquer Ashspring

  1. Break through Ashspring’s defenses!

Bonus objective

  1. Desecrate Ashspring’s Graveyards: 0 / 3.

Mission 5: The Battle of Steelsmith

Led by Thalya, the Brutal Evil’s army had reached the dwarven town of Steelsmith and made ready to storm it. Inside, the fierce dwarven king Grimli planned its defense.

New Rooms and Creatures: Graveyard, Zombie, Banshee

Bronze: Rusty Steel

  • Complete the mission “The Battle of Steelsmith”.

Silver: The One-Huge-Army-Building Evil

  • Own at least 15 creatures at the same time in the mission “The Battle of Steelsmith”.

Gold: Hands off the Dungeonheart!

  • The Dungeonheart must not fall below 50% life in the mission “The Battle of Steelsmith”.

Cut down the King

  1. Kill Grimli Hammerhand.

Bonus objective

  1. Destroy the Death Hammer.
  2. Destroy the Death Hammer, 2. Edition.
  3. Destroy the Death Hammer, in triplicate!

Mission 6: The End of Burgers’ End

After Grimli’s inglorious end, the Insidious Evil’s army had gone through the mines of Steelsmith to escape Tanos’ armies and his wrath. The old shafts brought them close to the busy town of Burgers’ End…

New Rooms and Creatures: Brewery, Gob-O-Bot

Bronze: The last burger

  • Complete the mission “The End of Burgers’ End”.

Silver: MASS-O-BOT

  • Own 5 Gob-O-Bots at any time in the mission “The End of Burgers’ End”.

Gold: Then let them eat cake!

  • Don’t allow any deliveries to reach the city in the mission “The End of Burgers’ End”.

Conquer Burgers’ End

  1. Stop the deliveries in order to starve Burgers’ End out.
  2. Next food delivery to Burgers’ End: 5:00.

The hungry inhabitants of Burgers’ End are actually well nourished, unless some villain is stealing their food supply.

The Hunger display shows you the remaining supplies in Burgers’ End. This supply shrinks with each intercepted food delivery!

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