Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Randomizer Mode Guide

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Randomizer Mode Guide
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Randomizer Mode Guide

This guide will focus on randomizer mode and will include some glitches/exploits that will reduce the amount of RNG to get a good run.

Galleon Minerva without a Weapon

At the start of a randomizer run you will have no starting weapons so you will have to damage boost past enemies and open up chest until you find one. If you cannot find a weapon there is a room with a singular cannon morte which can be killed rather easily without a weapon and this enemy has a 100% chance to drop a shard which can be used to kill the boss.

Alternatively, you can use a Backer ID to give yourself a weapon at the beginning without going through the hassle of getting one.

What to Do After Beating Craftwork?

After beating Craftwork you will get your very first “key item” which will determine where the player will have to go. If you have key items set so that they can be anywhere then your best bet is to grind every enemy for a key item shard.

If you get Craftwork as your first item then you can head towards the Tower of Twin Dragons as usual.

If you get Aqua Stream or Deep Sinker then you will have access to the forbidden underground waterway. From here you can farm the Deeseama enemy which will drop a key item shard and you can access Hidden Desert which allows you to fight Alfred for another key item shard.

If you get Reflector Ray you can fight Bloodless for another key item shard. After beating Bloodless you will have access to some parts of Livre ex Machina.

If you get Dimension Shift you will pretty much have full access to the entire map except for Den of Behemoths. Dimension shift can be used to get inside Hall of Termination and Oriental Sorcery Lab from Dian Cecht Cathedral. You can teleport upwards to enter Tower of Twin Dragons.

If you get the Warhorse Key you will have to fight the Revenant which kinda sucks early on.

If you get Invert you can go to Tower of Twin Dragons,Upper Dian Cecht Cathedral or Oriental Society Lab if you have the Aegis Plate. I think it might be possible to access Inferno Cave from behind but you would have to fight the boss without a save room so I would not recommend doing this.

As far as I am aware getting any other key items that is not mentioned on this list will most likely be a softlock because you will have no other way of progressing. However, it is possible for an enemy to drop a High Jump shard which will give the player access to Tower of Twin Dragons and Upper part of Dian Cecht Cathedral.

General Strategy / Tips

For this section I will assume that most players will have the game as random as possible.

  • Kill every monster that you come across to see what items they are carrying, you really don’t want to miss out on the potential to get a powerful shard that could get you through the game quickly.
  • When you first reach Johannes check what items you can get from dismantling and what items can be used for crafting. This is the best way to get powerful items early on in a run.
  • The items that enemies drop aren’t completely random, instead the enemies will be given a loot pool from another enemy. So for example, in the normal game a Killer Barber enemy can drop a Sharp Razor or a Rhava Bural. If you kill an enemy during a randomizer run and they drop a Sharp Razor that means you can also obtain a Rhava Bural.
  • Despite being “Key Items” the Silver Bromide and Zangetsuto will be found in Random locations even if the option to randomize key item among themselves is chosen.
  • Pay attention to what items that come from the blue chests, the items that come from blue chest are not random, but each location will have a different item pool. Here is the list of the item pools for players who are unfamiliar.

Blue Chest Pools

  • Cotton, Bronze, Sugar and Halite
  • Iron, Bronze, Obsidian and Cotton
  • Ginger, Hemp, Steel and Oak
  • Ginger, Hemp, Steel, Oak, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and silver
  • Iron, Elm, Mithril, Platinum, Wool and Sponge Cake
  • Garlic, Mithiril,  Walnut and Damascus
  • Black Pepper,  Curry Powder,  Walnut and Damascus
  • Mithril, Wool, Platinum and Sponge Cake
  • Mahogany, Fried Fish,  Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald
  • Mahogany, Mithridate, Gold and Crystal
  • Silk, Crystal, Mahogany and Diamond
  • Curry Powder, Silk and Bixbite
  • Miso, Soy Sauce and Crimsonite
  • Crystal, Waystone, Diamond and Alexandrite
  • Orichalcum, Cashmere and Crystal

The most important item pools to keep track of during a run are the ones that contain Fried Fish and Sponge Cake as they are very good healing items that can help greatly with boss fights.

Weapons to Look Out For

When Dismantling an item you are unable to see the stats so I thought I would put this section in for players who are not familiar with all of the best Weapons in the game.


  • Hells Knells-best shoe
  • Hermes Shoes-2nd best shoe
  • Daggers
  • Mandau Pasir-best Dagger
  • Carnwennan-2nd Best Dagger
  • Rapiers
  • Joyeuse-best Rapier
  • Kaziku-2nd best Rapier
  • Swords
  • Bandit Blade-very good sword
  • Blue Rose-most damaging sword
  • Valkyrie Sword-very good sword
  • Rhava Velar-high attack speed
  • Clubs
  • Mistilteinn-best Club
  • Sharur-2nd best Club
  • GreatSwords
  • Eternal Blue-best Greatsword
  • Ukonvasara-2nd best Greatsword
  • Katanas
  • Grand Izayoi-damage can be increased with Blood Steal shard
  • Mikazuki-2nd best Katana
  • Spears
  • Gae Assail-best Spear
  • Gungnir-2nd best Spear
  • Whips
  • Andromeda-best Whip
  • Albireo-2nd best Whip

Firearms are only useful if you have access to a good source of ammo but I still wanted to include them.

  • Adrasteia-best Firearm
  • Verethragna-2nd best Firearm

Equipment to Look Out For

I put together a list of equipment that will prove useful during a run. I would recommend not getting any other items that is not on this list as it will not be worth your time.

Good Armor

  • Imperial Armor-DEF 45
  • Tatenashi-DEF 52
  • Coronation Gown-DEF 48
  • Valkyrie Dress-DEF 40

Good Headgear

  • Pleiades-best DEF and stat boosts
  • Demon Horns-best STR boost
  • Witches Hat-good for INT builds
  • Recycle Hat-grants infinite ammo
  • Gunslingers Hat-More Firearm damage
  • Valkyrie Tiara-best LCK boost


  • Over the Rainbow
  • Flame Scarf


  • Gebels Glasses-Grants infinite MP
  • Fire/Ice/Lightning rings- Good damage boost if you have weapons or shards with the corresponding element
  • Weighted Ring-usefully if obtained early on in a run for leveling up
  • Warlocks necklace-Reduces MP consumption
  • Solomon’s Ring-Makes shards show up more likely, very good early on
  • Risk Ring-More damage output if you can afford to take damage
  • Plunderers Ring-useful for finding out what items enemies have
  • Critical/Assassins/Lethality ring-these rings are good with weapons that have a fast attack speed
  • Skull Necklace-More magic damage

Shards to Look Out For

I put a list together of what I think are the best shards to have during a run.

Skill Shards

  • High Jump-Very Good vertical mobility
  • Shortcut-A quality of life shard to have

Conjure Shards

  • Summon Gieremund-Very useful early to mid game, its worth grinding for about 3-2 of them
  • Welcome Company-Good for getting through enemies quickly, its worth grinding for about 4 of them if your damage is low.
  • Summon Chair-can be used to get out of bounds, only 1 is needed
  • Summon Helhound-extremely high damage, grind for as many as you need
  • Toxic Storm-good against bosses that are weak to poison, only 1 is needed
  • Death Cry-useful for dealing with groups of enemies, worth grinding for 3 if you need damage

Manipulative Shards

  • Bunnymorphisis-useful if damage is low
  • Accelerator-insane mobility

Directional Shards

  • True Arrow-good damage for early game, grind for as many as you need
  • Heretical Grinder-good damage for early game, grind for as many as you need
  • Inferno Breath-insane DPS, always worth grinding for 9 of them
  • Chisel Barrage-insane DPS, always worth grind for 9 of them
  • Teps Oceus-can clear rooms rather quickly

Passive Shards

  • [Insert weapon] Expertise-expertise shards increase your damage more than Augment STR assuming you have a weapon to match
  • Money Is Power-You can sell items for more money if needed
  • Words of Wisdom-very strong if you get some really good shards
  • Optimizer-better DPS
  • Augment STR-more damage
  • Augment INT-useful if you have good shards

Familiar Shards

  • Carabosse-If you have a reliable way to obtain Faerie healing items then this Familiar is really good to have
  • Dantalion-Will give the player a STR buff

Chair out of Bounds Glitch

Psssst Im gonna give you a little secret, you can reach Glacial Tomb/Den of Behemoths without the Zangetsuto with a little gamebreaking glitch.

Here is what items you need:

  • 1 of the following weapons: Flying Edge,Oracle Blade,Rhava Bural, Rhava Velar.
  • A chair to sit on (The summon chair shard makes this glitch a bit more useful).
  • Reflector Ray.

How to perform said Glitch

  • Sit in chair.
  • Attack with one of the mentioned weapons.
  • Use Reflector Ray.
  • Watch as your character falls through the floor.
  • You can use the suspend function to put yourself back in bounds but you need to do it in certain parts of the map.

There are only a couple of places where you can use this glitch for it to be useful. Here is a video on how to access Forbidden Tomb.

Once you learn how to do this glitch Randomizer runs become a lot easier to complete.

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