StarCrawlers – Black Market Codes

StarCrawlers - Black Market Codes 2020
StarCrawlers - Black Market Codes 2020

A list of the codes that were given out during special events across Juggernaut Games’ Twitter and Facebook accounts. Hunted them down so you can have a fighting chance on your first time play through of the game in Hardcore-Ironman Mode.

Black Market Codes

Took me some minutes to scour these codes from the pits of Facebook and Twitter and a few more minutes to check out what they actually drop. Results may vary widely for the Normal Tier stuff.

Normal Stuff: These ones are random and can vary widely.

Code / Drops

  • 5BA4C05F7 – White-Green Gear
  • D3BD544E4 – White-Green Gear
  • 0693C2270 – White-Green Gear
  • 329C1D545 – White-Green Gear
  • 331412F87 – White-Green Gear
  • C5823BA9B – White-Green Gear
  • 3DFD8359C – White-Green Gear
  • 19499DB72 – Green Armour
  • 1F21D1B20 – Green Armour
  • DF47104AD – Green Gear
  • 569CBFC9E – Green Gear
  • 91079ABEC – Green Gear
  • C7BD3ACD2 – White-Blue Gear
  • 87077467 – White-Blue Gear
  • A3AB4ED9E – White-Blue Gear
  • 8C2081D79 – Blue Weapon
  • 62B62C622 – Blue Armour
  • B37AA7CF2 – Blue Shield

Purple: Literally just one set.

Code / Drops

  • 4075550AB – Purple Weapon
  • F84F5F895 – Purple Armour
  • 28F73A378 – Purple Shield

Legendary: Probably whatchu came for eh?

Code / Drops

  • 315BD226B – 5 * Dataslate
  • BB2451FD65 * Dataslate
  • BDC0E75945 * Dataslate
  • F92D6E252Unique Orange Gear
  • F0AAAB4F4Unique Orange Gear
  • 7234FD7FBUnique Orange Gear
  • 15B3DEF42Regular Orange Weapon
  • D078D24AERegular Orange Armour
  • 0966A7FE0Regular Orange Shield

*Everything scales to your Level except the Legendaries, they scale in their own special way.

It ain’t much, and it ain’t really honest work either getting all these gifts for free from our GameDev overlords, but if they’re offering free sh*t stuff, I’ll happily accept them. Plus, I finally had some leeway into a good build and which corps to Ally myself with for my first Hardcore-Ironman playthrough thanks to the other Guides on here, so I thought I should repay the community in some small way or another.

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