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LoveBeat - Green Title Collector

Created by elizabeth   ::   May 7, 2020    

This one is for those who want to get green titles. It's not full, I'll add new titles as soon as I know them!


There are three kind of titles in the game mode title collector: red (bad), blue(good) and green (rare).

So, we are here to find out how to get green titles in the game mode title collector.

Main point that you need more than 2 players in the room and then you'll get blue and red titles. We found out that if in the room there are only 2 players than you'll only get red titles.

Green Titles

Green titles are the same color as blue while you are playing and in the end when you get the title it becomes green. So, here is the list of titles that are green. This guide will help you to know from the beggining is this title green or not.

  • Sociable
  • Manly
  • Hot
  • Goddess
  • Adorable
  • Dollish
  • Luxurious

Game:   LoveBeat
Created by elizabeth.