Spirit of the North – Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

Spirit of the North - Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide
Spirit of the North - Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

Straightforward as fast as possible video walkthrough, timestamps for collectibles (spirits, shamans and their staffs), screenshots, info and guide for achievements.


This walkthrough tries to be as fast as possible, without wandering away so you can find fast for parts where you stuck or find missed shamans, achievements easily with the timestamps I share in this guide. Please keep in mind some parts of the PC version different than the console version. For example, few staffs for shaman spirits located at different locations. If you need help with those you might want to check a video about the PC version.


Awaken 5 Shaman Spirits

Old Companion
Awaken 12 Shaman Spirits

None Forgotten
Awaken all 28 Shaman Spirits

All location on the video. Here are the timestamps for every single shaman spirit. Please keep in mind that the timer for picking up the staffs, which then need to be delivered to the shaman corpse. In same cases it is better to start the vid few seconds earlier so it might be more clear to you how to get to the staff.

Chapter 1:

  • 1/28: 3:35
  • 2/28: 9:10
  • 3/28: 13:00

Chapter 2:

  • 4/28: 17:45
  • 5/28: 20:30

Chapter 3:

  • 6/28: 27:15
  • 7/28: 28:50 (Pick it up before flooding else you can’t pick it up anymore)
  • 8/28: 35:50

Chapter 4:

  • 09/28: 44:55
  • 10/28: 46:00
  • 11/28: 53:05
  • 12/28: 58:15
  • 13/28: 1:03:25
  • 14/28: 1:05:30
  • 15/28: 1:09:50

Chapter 5:

  • 16/28: 1:18:20
  • 17/28: 1:25:10
  • 18/28: 1:28:45
  • 19/28: 1:32:50
  • 20/28: 1:37:40
  • 21/28: 1:39:45
  • 22/28: 1:43:10
  • 23/28: 1:53:35
  • 24/28: 1:58:25

Chapter 6:

  • 25/28: 2:00:35
  • 26/28: 2:03:05
  • 27/28: 2:06:10
  • 28/28: 2:07:30

Storyline Achievements

These achievements should unlock while playing the game, some because it belongs to the storyline, some because impossible to finish the game without using abilities/destroying something with less required amount than the amount the achievements ask.

A Gaurdian Forgotten
Awaken the Spirit of the North

Infused with Light
Become Infused with Pure Ancient Energy

Spirit Bark
Unlock Spirit Bark Ability

Destroy 3 Plague Tethers

Uprooting Darkness
Destroy 8 Plague Tethers

Plague Doctor
Destroy 18 Plague Tethers

Plague Tethers are objects you can destroy once unlocked Spirit Bark ability. These usually block your path so impossible to finish the game without getting these achievements.

Blooms of Light
Collect 25 Spirit Bloom

Garden of Light
Collect 50 Spirit Bloom

If you not infused go to blue flowers and use Q button to bark. That will make your companion interact with the flower and you will be infused with its power. I doubt you can finish the game without getting both achievements.

Spirit Form
Unlock Spirit Form Ability

Best Friends
Cause the Wisp chirp 100 times

IF you bark, the wisp will chirp. It will unlock before the end of the game without focusing on this achievement.

Written In Stone
Infuse 30 Standing Stones

Spirit Dash
Unlock Spirit Dash Ability

Spirited Away
Make it out of the Spirit World

Match Maker
Match 12 sets of Revolving Matching Glyphs

These are stones you need to turn with barking, when all related stones on their proper position then it usually opens a door, unlock a portal, etc. A set does not always include multiple stones, some puzzle has only one stone. I doubt you can finish the game without getting this.

Trivial, but Missable Achievements

Carry a Shaman Staff for 3 minutes

Just go AFK while there is a shaman staff in the mouth of your fox.

Foxin’ Around
Stand still for 3 minutes

Just go AFK for 3 minutes.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits
Locate and greet all Spirits in the Spirit World

Probably the “hardest” or most annoying achievement. During chapter 7 you need to find all 28 spirits, move to the front of them. If you see an animation that is like praying, then they greet you. All 28 found on the video walkthrough. The whole area is a big forest, easy to get lost, many areas look similar so a screenshot guide not really possible.

  • Chapter 7 on the video: 2:11:53-2:28:40

You should get the achievement once you get close to these three dudes:

If you replay the chapter you need to find only the spirits you missed previously, you don’t need to find all 28 in a single run/session.

Fox? Or Flying Squirrel?

Fox? Or Flying Squirrel?
Stay airborn for more than 8 seconds using jump-gates or geysers

In Chapter 5 there is a chain of jump gates so you will be in the air for a few seconds. It is not enough tho, so you need to dash back into them before landing. I earned the achievement while recording so it is recorded what should you do.

  • Timestamp: 1:42:04


While in Spirit Form; step on a pressure plate, an unstable platform, and walk on water

Do what the description says. It is important to mention that you need to do each once in spirit form, you don’t need to all of them during one spirit form session. This makes the achievement very easy.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Fill the night sky with Aurora Borealis

Once the game finished you can run around on the sky. Do that while the credits rolling, push E, SHIFT and you will create some polar lights, which unlocks the achievement.

Ancient History

Ancient History
Find and light all 8 types of carved Ancient Murals

You can light up Ancient Murals if you infused and you push the button E when you is close to them. Here are the 8 required:

Chapter 3:

  • The timestamp on video: 26:25

Chapter 4:

  • The timestamp on video: 49:03

  • The timestamp on video: 1:01:15

  • The timestamp on video: 1:07:20

Chapter 5:

  • The timestamp on video: 1:22:00

  • The timestamp on video: 1:30:10

  • The timestamp on video: 1:30:55

  • The timestamp on video: 1:33:23


  1. Help? I unlocked spirit bark, but then, idk, used it up or something? I went to the red stone and it won’t open. When I go back to the spirit bark rock, I can hold the button and lose my glowing light and have to get it from blue flowers again, but I can’t get the spirit bark back. What do?

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