Deadside – Basic Guide

Deadside - Basic Guide
Deadside - Basic Guide

Guide to Basics


You will spawn in with just pants on, which hold only two items. Take a look at the map and see where you want to go. You will have a knife and a lighter. Remember, your character only hold two items. Start Looting…..collect everything!


Check clothing and see how many slots they hold or tear them up for using in cloth to heal. Unless you have found clothing with more pockets, you will need only the essentials. The track pants has only two slots….you can tell this by the squares are of a darker shade.


Pick up your ammo, it stacks to 100. Make sure to have the right ammo for the guns you pick up.


There are group up people(NPC’s) that will spawn in and start shooting at you, get to cover, kill them and loot there bodies.

Swapping item in bag

Unless you have space in other components or pockets, you can drop an item to fill the spot….beware, because NPC’s that shoot you will spawn in. Make sure you are covered or in a covering.


Are where you can store your items and trade with traders.


Be sure to go to the right trader to get the money from the item you are trying to sell. For a standard keyboard setup, CHECK to see if there is a dollar value over the item you want to sell if not, then you CANNOT sell the item. It will be a green bar with an amount that you can get from selling the item. Im just saying, if you want to keep stuff put it in your storage, like valuables. Money and other stuff, your choice.

You can always get more stuff.

How to use the items

Right click the item, select add to HOTBAR, once on the hotbar, left click to use and hold down.

How to squad up

Point at the person and hit F5 – it will then ask them to press F5 to join and you are joined to the player of your choice. I am only playing with another person, not sure how many players the squad can hold.

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