Walking Zombie 2 – Starter Guide

Walking Zombie 2 - Starter Guide
Walking Zombie 2 - Starter Guide

This guide describes fresh start what to take and what to do in detail.

How to Start Walking Zombie 2

Start Up! What You Need to Know

First thing that you need to know is this is a zombie “mini game”, it’s super fun as long as you keep it neat.

  1. Do headshot! I mean, oh come on! It was explained many times in the loading screen, what can’t be better than 3x damage and 1 shot 1 kill? Get used to it or die with it.
  2. It’s every beginner mistake to do anything to increase firepower first like increase critical skill or fire arm skill, but i’m going to tell you this game early play is much more enjoyable so what you really want to have prob “driving skill” to decrease fuel consumption, you’re not wrong, but not really necessary to do at lower level since you’ll get free 15L every levelup.
  3. “I’m afraid of using gun, i want to conserve my ammo” Nope!. Cease that tought! You’ll get a lot of them, so just happy triggering (note: afaik 7.62mm is the most dropped).
  4. You need spade (shovel) to dig! I’m not gonna lie, you need it but not at the first map (woodland). Why? good question, everytime you got treasure map activated, and when you go shortie, you will see a shovel right near the digging spot (just lying there at the bench, waiting you to pick it up). yet, I’ll never ever tell you to: “Hey, when they need you to pick mele, don’t choose spade”. But I will advice you to take it. You can sell them (the ones you pickup at treasure quest) to trader.
  5. You’ll get loot as scraps, sell them after you take “scavenger 1” perks but i heavily advice you to not sell the gold ones before you get “scavenger 2” since each of them increase profit by 30% from scraps (only scraps).
  6. Never! Ever! Have 100% (70) HP! Why? First is, you can survive with 20HP. Second is when your backpack is full you can always have extra empty slot by drinking water or eating bean cans. Third is because if anything comes to shove, you can always open your backpack (literally pause the game) and then select bandage and use it directly without casting animation.
  7. Rejoice! you need firepower skill? You need HP regen skill? And additional speech skill for above 30 point? I have solution! Learn “Reading” perk but don’t ever forget it has followup perk “Bookworm”. It’s supper good and take my advice to keep all your book on your storage until you have them both so your skill increase in efficiency will increase more (book of science is for 2 more skill point and perk doesn’t affect the gain). Now you know what to do, buy all book from trader and don’t loot any book at the city, don’t worry, it won’t disappear.
  8. Exploding barrel do no damage to player. A good thing indeed, a cheat level isekai barrel that will help you shave bald the big zombies, keep it intact so if any big bad pretty boy want to ♥♥♥ your ♥♥♥ you can always depend on it.
  9. The zombies, literally have attack speed which result you can kite them to come and try to hit you and all you need to do is step back a few little step to dodge their short arm and smoll hands, they need you to fap (be careful of those red-orange fatty who loves to suicide tho).
  10. There is this 3 perk with useful effect but the devs really loves to play with us kekw. First is “nothing” yeah it does nothing except it gives you 2 more perk as a compensation because the Perk does nothing! Really…. The second one is “animal language” you can talk with animal and accept quest like an autism does, but no, you don’t really need it immediately, maybe at below lv11. Third is “good student” and so what it does? +1 skill point each levelup! WTF so good! Get this ASAP.
  11. Never skip an encounter, because your encounter can include safes you can lockpick and earn items and gold coins.

That’s your tablet of stones from moses plus bonus from me. Now let’s head up to the next level.

Let’s Get Some Action!

What perk you really want? What weapon should i use? What skill to invest? Here comes the heavy topics! Let’s get in line.

So, here is the plan:

  • Do your quest, carefully plan anything since you don’t want to waste fuel. Check ladder at the house where it keeps your mele weapon, take the book, keep it on your inventory. storage unlocks at lv4.
  • Be careful, dying means losing random items at your bag.
  • Don’t claim level reward book before you can consume it.
  • Roam around city, check corners for book, don’t take it yet. there is one at the tree house near amanda too. remember where it is.

First level up!

  • Congrats! now invest all in speech skills, now you can get glock (9mm) from amanda for free. sell it.

Second level

  • Invest for speech again (skill speech lv30) now you can ask for ammo from NPC.

Third level

  • Your first perk! Take “nothing” and you’ll get another 2 perk points, take “scavenger 1” and “good student” and it’s time to sell any scraps (exclude gold) to the trader.
  • Do take “trading” skill for less coins to purchase a book or weapon from trader. I’ll be frank, it helps a lot evenmore with buying some expensive stuff. Buy books! Shooting for beginer, bible, book of science, and many more (outdoorsman skills is optional, since it increase camo and decrease our encounter).

Skill you should take

  • Speech up to lv 40 for starter (first town) to learn curing from leiah for free.
  • Trading, you’ll buy a a lot books and maybe ammo or even new guns so this is a must.
  • Driving is for F2P like me.

Skills you don’t need

  • Outdoorsman: increase camo (decrease encounter chance, not a really good thing but you can increase from books if you want. it literally sold by any trader).
  • Lockpicking: are you kidding me? don’t even try to invest this if you’re not having too many unused SP.
  • Health / defense: you’re not in dire situation to need this. Just kill them before they reach you and if you’re really cornered, just open bag and use bandage, really (alternatively health can be increased from hospital building at open world map).
  • Melee / laser weapon: it’s screaming hell! Laser is hard to earn and need to manually buy the ammo from trader, it’s for end game user only. as for melee, their damage not as good as your imagination, so forget it.
  • Firearms: nope… just get a book “shooting for beginer” and use it.
  • Critical hit: your SP * 0.15 ok this is useless except for end game. take “more critical 1” and “more critical 2” instead, it gives 5% each, and also there is clothes that boost crit chance.
  • Radiation resistance: nope. just take a food buff rad-x for more good resistance, easy drop.

Level 6

  • Your second perks skill earned from levelups! Now learn “extra EXP” perks, but wait, you need to keep the perk point until you’re lv8 to take.

Level 9

  • finally! Take this “animal language” perk so you can take quest from the da*n chicken for 300 exp (and also from the goat at second town).

  • If you go to second town, do anything to complete chain quest for a new car and do nothing else to conserve your fuel. But first you need weapon from the mayor, the legendary “vector” smg (9mm).
  • Do not buy a house. it only useful for end game ppl, it produce very little amount of ammo and not stackable (ex. it produces 50 ammo each hour but if you didn’t take it, it won’t continue to produce upgradeable but pricey).
  • Do not go to open world map after the chain quest series from chuck. It’s fuel consuming and you’ll be struggling there without proper gear. and if you go there for the first time, go clear everything there. Imean any quest that spawn there will be time limited and the loot decrease every hour so the only choice is to do it wholeheartedly and be wholesome.

Level 12

  • Now you’re at second town already, take the “reading” perk and be patient until you learn “bookworm” at lv.15 to get 50% increase bonus from reading and then start consume all your books (if your backpack crammed with books before you got the skill, just read the camping book for outdoor skill).

Never buy any weapon from trader except M24 Sniper. love the damage, 1 bullet for each head (buying M4A1 (5.56mm) is optional, useful in sewers quest since it deals more faster damage).

Do take “driving” skill after you done taking trading, both 50 now. Then continue taking trading skill for more books and cheaper guns and ammo.

Advanced perks plan

  • “More criticals 1 and 2” take this asap.
  • “Better critical” it increase crit damage, take it only if you took more crit 1 and 2.
  • “Fast hand” and “fast hand 2” this is optional for faster reloading or so it should be but this is useless, just drink vitamin and get 20% reload buff or even better if you are rich just upgrade your weapon base reload speed (10% each upgrade for 3 times mex).
  • “Bigger backpack” this is what we need most, so less loot wasted because of limited bag.
  • “Steady aim” again, so exotic but useless. optional, but it’ll be safer if you take this after everything else taken.
  • “Lucky child” increase 5% loot seems atractive but useless do not take it, save it for last.
  • “Traveler” increase storage slot by 5, useful for F2P player who need slots to keep their fuel jug, but only if you’re going to open world map so you can go back and forth (for crafting fuel) more efficiently.

Anything else is not really interesting and just by reading it you know that it’s less usefull, especially “skilled” it’s exchange perk for skill point (SP+1 per leveup but perks no longer every 3 level but 4. Take this with caution, only when you have no longer have the need to take another good perks).

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