Bomber Crew – Dealing with Damage

Bomber Crew - Dealing with Damage
Bomber Crew - Dealing with Damage

From what you can tell from the picture I randomly took off of the internet because I’m too lazy to get into another mission for this, you can take a ton of damage. For my first ever guide, I am going to go over what to do when your plane takes damage!


Engines are important. But you knew that, right? Anyways, you can lose all but one of your engines and still fly. Is that one left engine still going? You can still make it back home. Do not bail out if you have lost most of them. But, what happens when you do lose all of them? Order your crew to bail out (you can do this from the pilot’s special abilities or manually telling your crew to grab parachutes and jump out.)

When the mission is over, a spinning wheel will show up next to a crew members’ name. If the arrow touches the green slice when the wheel stops spinning, the crew member lives. If it lands on the red slice, the crew member dies. Improve the odds of survival by making sure the bomber crashes near the crew members and by using pigeons or inflatable rafts!


When you are flying a plane, landing is important to your survival. You need wheels for that, or do you? If just one wheel is gone, you might be able to keep your bomber, but you also might not. If you lose both of them, you are toast, right?

Nope! Keep in mind that I have only tested it on the us bomber missions dlc, and with all but one engine knocked out, but if you have your plane use a leaner fuel mixture (the mechanic can toggle this) on final approach, you might just be able to save that plane!

Fuel, Systems and Fires

So I have covered the areas around the wings. There is one last thing about that you need to know, then we move on.

So fuel, it is important. Without it, the engines don’t work, and your bird becomes flightless. If a fuel tank is hit enough times, it will start to leak. There are three ways to handle this.

  • Transfer your fuel from the leaking tank to the tank on the other side.
  • Send somebody outside to fix the fuel tank (crew members are easier to kill this way, and making your pilot do tricks makes them fall).
  • Ignore it (not recommended) if you run out of fuel, order your crew to bail out.

Systems. Systems are important. Some more then others. Lets go from least important to most important

Energy: energy is what makes the radar work. you can operate without it, but it is harder to detect planes.

Oxygen: this system is only useful mid-to-late game, where you reach higher altitudes. i bet you can guess what it is for, but if you can’t, it is what lets the crew breathe at high altitudes.

Hydrualics: objectively the most important system, this is what makes guns and landing gear work. lose this in the middle of a fight, you better fix it. breaks down mid-landing? you better fix it. without it, the guns will not move and the landing gear will not deploy.


Having a crew is important, right? Try to keep them alive. If a crew member is injured, send them to the medical bed. If the pilot or important crew member is injured, knocked out, or killed, send someone to replace them. If somebody is knocked out, send someone to revive them with a medkit. If you are close to your home base, don’t bother. They will be auto-healed when you land. If they die, they die. You can’t fix that. Best thing you can do in that case is don’t worry about it and replace them.


These things make a big boom when they hit the ground. They can also make a big boom when the are hit with a bullet. Keep your bomb bay closed until you are ready to drop the bomb, then drop them! If you have an enemy plane go under your bomber and stay there, open the bomb bay doors and release a bomb. Beware that this can damage your plane too. If the bombs are damaged, they can explode and make everyone die! You don’t want that, right? Also, abandoning plane without a parachute is not recommended, for obvious reasons.

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