Lords Mobile – Diplomacy Guide

Lords Mobile - Diplomacy Guide
Lords Mobile - Diplomacy Guide

Diplomacy Guide

What are they and their difference

Allies are guilds who are willing to fight for you and the people you will fight for, with mutual peace between both guilds. If you are in trouble, they should help you and vice versa. If they don’t, then they are bad allies, same for you. NAP stands for Non-Aggression Pact(some people interpret the acronym differently but the meaning is the same) Basically, you don’t attack their guild and they don’t attack your guild. However, they aren’t obliged to help you.

Why you should/should not ally/NAP

The first thing to consider is the might of your guild compared to the rest of the guilds in your kingdom. If you are rank 1, you probably don’t need allies and can go around killing whoever you please. However, if you are in a weak guild, then you need allies/NAPs to protect yourself from harm, which will allow you to grow peacefully. Keep in mind that once you get allies/NAPs, you can’t attack them, unless you are the leader and you feel like breaking up. Because you have less targets to hit, you can’t war as much, which can make the game less enjoyable, so you have to decide if you want to have a war or peaceful guild (or in-between) before allying/naps. If you don’t want to ally/nap at all, you can just stop reading.

Who to be allies/NAP with?

You obviously want to be allies/nap with guilds stronger than you or near your guild might. That’s easy. But sometimes, there is this weak guild which has 1 player much stronger than everyone in your guild, he can easily decimate everyone in your guild if he wants to. So should you NAP? It depends on whether you have a guild bank and whether your members know how to shelter/fake rally troops imo. This is because the rest of the guild could be farming material for resources, as well as targets to take out your frustration on xD. Once, you get the rss, you can send it to the guild bank and inform your members of a possible attack while telling them to hide their troops. Alternatively, you can just leave them alone and even the strong player probably won’t touch you fearing that you will take revenge on his poor guildmates.

How to get allies/NAPs?

You should send the leader/r4 in charge of diplomatic issues a pm asking nicely for ally/nap. If you are asking to ally, you need to tell them that your members are willing to relocate and/or switch to their guild to help them attack/defend, the rest is your negotiating skills. If it’s NAP, there’s not much to it, they either accept or decline really.

The main factor that affects your chances of getting ally/nap is your guild might in relation to their guild might. The lower your guild might, the lower your chance of success. If you have a strong player with a level 25 battle hall, that can be a main selling point to guilds who don’t have that as a high level battle hall is very important for taking out strong players. You have to tell them that this player can switch to their guild to help them out.

What to do after getting allies/NAP

Firstly, both guilds should list the other guild as allies/nap in their public info or guild message. Simply, put Ally: (guild tag) or NAP: (guild tag). Secondly, send a mass mail to all guild members informing them about the ally/nap and make sure they know what it means.

State of alliance

So you got an ally. Great! But after a while, you are not sure if the alliance is helping you. Your ally doesn’t help you fight at all while you’ve been helping them fight. Consider demoting them to just NAP if this is the case. An alliance should be helpful to both sides, not one sided. Make sure you send the leader a nice message if you intend to break up. Of course, you should still be reasonable and not expect too much, like don’t expect them to try to zero a 1billion might player attacking your hive. So, take the initiative to help your allies and if they repay the favour, the alliance would be very useful indeed.

Additional info

Social networking apps like LINE allow you to communicate easily with another guild’s leaders and r4s. You should add your own r4s and your ally’s r4s/leader to discuss alliance matters.

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