Wolflord – Werewolf Online – Overview of the Roles

Direwolf - Overview of the Roles
Direwolf - Overview of the Roles

This is a general overview of all the Direwolf roles and strategies for each one. This guide is meant for new players. Just keep in mind these aren’t rules and more of guide lines of how to play, as many people have many different play styles. I am also assuming you know the basic mechanics of the game.

General Strategy for Town Members

If someone nominates D1 feel free to nominate them unless you have reason to believe they are good (or they are your wolf ally). You want to do this so wolves can’t freely lynch someone D1.

If someone votes when everyone else has abstained, and it is a town member, you’ll want to kill them because they are most likely a werewolf. If a town member is doing this then they are random lynching, which helps the werewolves more then it helps town. If the role happens to be a werewolf they are most likely not a werewolf because then it would be hurting their own team however this doesn’t mean they are good as they can still be a chaos role. If the lynched role is a chaos then you should get a claim from the voter but take no further action unless new information comes up.

If someone is nominated they should claim a role before the defense phase so players can counterclaim them if necessary. If a player had plenty of time to claim before the defense phase and only claims in the defense phase they are most likely evil trying to prevent counterclaims and stall.

The only time town should be aggressive and forcing claims is generally in smaller games with little to no town investigation. In very small games with only 5-6 players you generally want to get everyone to claim to prevent werewolves from claiming a role that has died.

You generally don’t want to lynch any chaos claims unless you have reason to suspect they might be lying or if there is a pumpkin king, blood oak, Usurper or plague lord in the game.

As any town members try to be active and help out the town by following logic and common sense. Even as town defenders don’t sit quiet in the corner to avoid being attacked as this draws suspicion to you.

Strategy of Town Role Types

Town Crowd – you want to be an active member of the village, keep notes of who’s helping and who isn’t. The more you take charge and lead the town the more wolves will want to get rid of you.

Town Defenders – You want to stay hidden and avoid claiming for as long as possible but don’t be afraid to claim or counterclaim if needed.

Town Investigators – You want to come out as soon as you have information, this means D2 normally unless there is red dawn. The only time you want to stay quiet is if you know town defender can’t protect you, but remember if you die town loses all your information and role so try to come out if you can confirm good multiple people or you have found an evil role.

Town Survivors (General) – For this section I have to split it up into two parts are you’ll want to play each group of survivors differently and based on the flow of the game.

Town Survivors (non-turncoat) – Don’t be afraid to claim if you feel it necessary. Generally wolves won’t want to attack you as you can normally defend yourself and there are much more important roles than you.

Town Survivors (turncoats) – If it looks like the wolves are going to win you’ll want to claim a town role and try your best to complete your turn objective. If the wolves are far from winning or they are about to lose you’ll want to claim your role and ask for help in protecting your turn objective.

Town Attackers – Don’t be too afraid to claim however as a stronger role (exile) or a role that activates upon death (hunter) you may want to try and stay a bit hidden so wolves don’t try to kill you either to activate your ability and cause you to kill a villager or to prevent you from being useful later on. As a role like assassin you’ll want to claim fairly early as it is an easy werewolf claim.

Town Support – You’ll want to claim a bit earlier than some roles but not on D1 unless asked. You’re generally not super helpful to village. If you’re changing a role (Fence) and you change roles you’ll want to claim asap so village knows what role died that night, the only exception being if there is a reaper and to see what they say before claiming.

Special Town:

  • Traveller – You need to take charge and lead the town as you are the only confirmed role.
  • Karura – Stay on turncoat claims or if you think someone is a turncoat.
  • Cleric – Try to stay hidden as long as possible and claim after plague lord is dead.

General Strategy for Wolves

Try to talk but don’t reveal anything the town hasn’t figured out themselves or was going to. If you stay silent all game the village will start to suspect you.

Try and not to attack any chaos unless you’re certain they are trying to kill you (usurper, plague lord, ect).

Don’t throw your teammates under the bus to save yourself this will just get you both lynched. The only exception to this rule is if you are the last wolf attacker.

Try to target villagers that are important but aren’t the most important so town defense won’t be protecting them.

Follow the villager guide as much as possible as well without contradicting this one to seem like a villager.

Strategy for Wolf Role Types

Wolf Attackers (Includes Hollow Husk) – You want to stay hidden as long as possible and claim roles that are hard to prove/disprove. Keep in mind that without you the wolves will loose so don’t take any unnecessary risk.

Wolf Support (Wolf Cub if he isn’t the last attacker, Excludes Hollow Husk) – You want to claim important roles forcing them to come out early and gaining a massive amount of information while drawing attention off the attackers and on to yourself. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should willingly reveal yourself it just means you should try and claim before the wolf attackers have to.

Strategy of Chaos Role Types

The following roles are very variable based making me hesitant to talk about them.

Reaper – You can claim D1 and village shouldn’t lynch you as you’re a powerful informational role. Another strategy is to claim one of the dead roles you can see that aren’t threatening to wolves.

Changeling – If you turn into a town member claim asap so the town knows who died and you can get yourself confirmed. If you turn into a werewolf of any kind refer to their perspective guide above.

Jester – Try and claim suspicious roles such as villager, reaper, or a turncoat but don’t claim when that role wouldn’t, counterclaiming roles is also a viable strategy.

Troll/Riding Hood – You want to claim a lower tier town role, that poses a threat late game, so that town won’t push you but wolves will attack you before the important town members.

Landlord – There are 2 ways to play this role. The first is to stay quiet and subtly push on your neighbors such as pressuring them to claim and finding ways to make their claims illogical. The second way to play this role is to claim a town investigative role (oracle) and claim to check your neighbors and say that they are evil, however this strategy is high risk if people know or suspect that landlord might be in the game.

Any chaos role that is not covered above – Try to claim a low-suspicion non-important town role (town support).

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